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help me please
1996 Chevy Silverado Chevrolet I am getting gas in my oil
Or my PRND321. I put a cruise fuse back in it but the cruise still didn’t work then went back to my buds house and killed my truck and left it at his house then rode with a different friend to go somewhere then we came back and noticed my battery light was on and my PRND321 was light up but my headlights weren’t on and the key was all the way in the off position. 99 Chevy Silverado 1500 new body style
It doesn't happen every time, but quite frequently when stopped at a red light, the truck dies unless I put it in neutral while waiting.
every time i drive my 1996 chevrolet 1500 truck 5.7L i have to add antifreeze
to the radaitor i did a radaitor pressure check on it look like the leak was coming from the front of the lower intake manifold how can i make sure where the leak is coming from? the engine is not over heating.
i need to test the fuel pressure and fuel leak down test the engine have a misfire on number 5 cylinder at idle i switch spark plug the miss is still there the firing system is okay hope you can help.
number 5 cylinder have a misfire and sometime the engine service like blink the misfire is mostly at idle speed i change number 5 spark plug i put it in number 1 cylinder and i put number 1 spark plug in number 5 cylinder and the misfire is still in number 5 cylinder that didn't stop the miss when i take number 5 spark plug out it is real white on the electrode is that a sign the plug is to hot what cause the plug to look like that? this engine dose have a throttle body.
1999 Silverado 1500 with the manual transfer case (floor shift for 4WD) will go in to 4 low but not 4 high! Bought a new switch, the one that threads in to the transfer case and sends a signal to the actuator, but can not locate it on my transfer case! I guess I’m not sure that it’s even on the transfer case itself. Where is it located? Thank you
I was having cranking problems with my 1997 Chevy Silverado had to put gas in carburetor to crank so I changed the fuel pump but it's not coming on when I try cranking it up so it's not starting but it is turning over but not cranking all the way.
My Tahoe will not come out of 4Wheel high it is electronic 4 wheel drive it was fine i put in 4 wheel high to check to make sure it eas working and now it will not come out
when you shut it off to go to the store say30 min it wont come back till it sets overnight
does it need freon or is there something big time wrong.
Changed iss/oss sensor shafted great for couple days went back to sharfting bad
The truck won't go into togear and move it,four wheel drive
Wont come our of low lock indicator lights either all stay on or all off but is in 2wheel drive every time I get in it
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