1993 Chevrolet S10 Blazer Questions

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Vehicle goes up to around 30mph then slows down to 0mph. While pressing down on the gas engine revs but car won't accelerate at all it stays at 0mph. I've put it on 1st 2nd and reverse and it still won't accelerate. After turning it off and on it won't accelerate at all but the engine does rev. If I have it off for around 5-10min then turn it on,same thing happens. Goes up to around 30 then slows down and won't move at all. I had the transmission filter cleaned and it worked fine for a day and during the night it started doing it again.
It sounds like It has a vacuum leak under the fuel injectors. But it would still run fine before.
On a 93 s10 blazer with a 4.3 vortex
Have replaced transfer case vacuum switch. Stuck in 4 wh. Actuator is working.
I pulled codes and it came up 32 , 37 , and 54 I've already replaced fuel filter and pump to try and fix hard start have had problem for about two months check engine just come on a week ago
I've changed my clutch fly wheel throw out bearing master cylinder slave cylinder and it won't go into gear the rod is pushing the fork in but I don't think all the way any help would be great
4x4 switch no longer lights up and 4x4 hasn't worked for long time. Trying to figure out where to start? Is the switch a replaceable part found at places like o'reillys? I also looked at fuses and all appear to be good still. Please help!
fuel pressure 55 lbs and holds plugs firing properly any help out there
will not start on its own fuel pressure 55lbs and has ignition to plugs stumped.hate it cant figure it out any suggestions from anyone
If so do I need to remove motor to replace them.
My oil will get overfull. it is not water. I did pull top part of intake and thought it to be a gas leak. On theleft side it was clean and had what apeered to be trans fluid in bottom. Right side was black with sut and oil build up.
driving the truck now has no power and dies out like the fuel pump isnt working properly but in idle runs fine and revs fine and I connected everything back properly
we have pressure bled it, vacuum bled it, and bench bled it, still can't get the clutch to disengage...we also put in a whole new clutch pilot bearing and pressure plate...very frustrating!! What else can we do? We are ready to blow it up!!
i have a 93 s-10 blazer 4.3 vortec high output,1 of the screw
holes is stripped out,1 screw holding the cap on.if there are
any helpfull steps to replacing,the distributor i could use.i could do myself,before it goes to my mechanic .thanks
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