1991 Chevrolet S10 Blazer Questions

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There was no odd noise. ran rough and I thought to change plugs. Quit running before I could. noticed no gas to carb. starts when I put gas in carb directly and runs until used up.
water pump doesn't leak at all, car hasn't overheated, don't know what check gauge light means, and does the belt that goes to everything have to be replaced if there are no rips or holes, if i change the water pump.
Some air comes out but not to much. Mostly on the bottom
For 1991 Chevy s10 blazer. I'm looking to get bigger tires and need a lift that will make them fit? Any ideas?
Last winter parked my vehicle first outside, then inside, vehicle sat for a while, wouldn't start. put treatment in gas, still wouldn't fire. Bought some parts to change out, debating on junking the car out. Bought a coil, rotor, module and cap. Started out by changing the coil as the spark was very faint by checking with a spark plug. Changed out coil and started right up. Ran for about 3 minutes and then instantly died.
Just wondering what is causing this, tried checking the new coil the same way and found no spark. Just wondering if I bought a bad coil, if there is another problem that is causing this coil to go bad?
I have replaced most vacuum lines but the line from the carb to the vapor canister when I take it off it does not change anything no difference?
i need a picture or manual? please
it hits really hard like it has a shift kit maybe i just purchased it a week ago
was told front seal gone on it pours straight thru
My truck is a Chevrolet s10 it has a new cluch but the other day I was driveing. And when I went to shift the cluch had no Presser and went straight to the floor I'm not sure what it is but I have the tools an everything to fix it I just don't know if it's the cluch it's self or something leading to it
im changing the bumper on my truck and cant find where the arm brackets attach to my please
My truck will shift into park, drive, reverse, etc, but it gets stuck in 2nd gear when you try to drive down the road. You have to punch it to get it that far, we discovered that while trying to limp it home.
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