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Everything comes on truck won't start trying to locate fusible link to see if it's blown please help.the problem started with headlights the relay fuse I think was bad so I switched the starter relay to check and when I attempted to turn key off sure enough the truck started acting funny like it didn't want to turn off so i rushed to remove the bad starter relay fuse and now that I put the good back in the truck won't turn over at all so I'm thinking it's a fusible link that's blown need help for location to check
doesn't do it all the time .. have had it into the dealer where I purchased the vehicle 4 times and it never seems to mess up on them so the can not jfind the problem
I changed my battery and alternator in my 2004 s10 pickup and the battery light is still on how do i turn it off
My dashboard gauges started blinking off & on for about 20 minutes before my whole entire truck lost all power.I left it off the road til the next day.But when I was fixing to get it towed,I turned the key & it started up with no problem.This is the 1st time I ever experienced something like this.Where do I look for answers?
Trip to store about 8 miles away, worked great. Ready to leave and no reverse. Waited for opportunity to go forward instead of reverse. When I pulled onto road had to rev to about 4k rpm and get off gas to get to 3rd gear. This is first time occurrence.
I am being told my truck was assembled in Cali or out west. IT supposedly has a different emissions system and well it is fouled up. Loses engine power and you can hear it rattle. The cost is about 1000. I want to know can I take it off and not replace it? If not is there a cheaper way. I am in South Carolina and have none of the laws to worry about.
I replace the engine, and tried to crank it, the security light continue to flash. I scan it and got a U1096 & U1016 trouble code. U1016: no communication with the PCU "powertrain control module". U1096: No communication with the IPC "instrument panel cluster"
then it acts as if its running out of fuel and stalls. in town driving will consist of stalling at every light i have to stop for, truck will start up again with no hesitation what so ever. when its under a load ( pulling a trailer) it happens faster . when the outside temperature is under about 65 it will not react the same way even while driving in town. seems it has something to do with the ambient temp/engine temp. Have had complete recent tune up, replaced radiator, thermastat, cat converter,map sensor , idle control valve but to no avail. trk has 138000, this began about 100,000. does not throw any codes at all. just stalls and restarts every time until it has to sit at the next light , stop sign or any slow moving situation. when i get to my destination and it sits for a bit its ok until it warms up again. can always hear fuel pump running.
does repair pal provide belt diagrams for cars
Transfer case not engaged. Front axle continues to turn. Makes loud noise at higher speeds.
one differential bearing went out replaced bearings and wheel bearings. sounds fine when accelerating but when i let up on gas pedal and coasting there is a growling, rubbing sound. can anyone tell me what might be causing this?
do I need a tool to compress the rear brake caliper
my truck will start 2-4 times then it will not start, will start every time when jumped
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