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replace this sensor 5 months ago, andf still keeps coming on after clearing the code,
when i try to start, it turns over but does not start.. makes a popping noise when turning over. i broke down the engine, got to the timing chain, and the timing is fine. top dead center.
I am getting a p0420 code on my scanner.
I soaked them with penetrating oil, loosened the clamps and still can't get adjuster to spin. I even tried a pipe wrench and a 3ft cheater pipe. Is there something I'm missing? The clamps are backed off and slid off adjuster, so they're not holding me up.
4wd won’t work... tcase is not engaging to spin front driveshaft. When it does decide to go into 4wd there is a loud grind and then a clunk but will pop out on its own under load. Vacuum actuator, axle, and differential all seem to be working properly but the tcase won’t engage
My odometer lights up fine it just didn't function
I put new distributer new temp senser new plug wires. But my fuel presser is 53 and after it worms up it jumps back and forth 53-48 like it jump fast back and forth fast but you speed up it stop jumping and stays at 53 could it be fuel pump or injection problem the truck has 184560 miles on it
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Worse when it worms up
How long have you had this problem? 2 month's
Not sure what's going on but my s10 won't start sometimes but sometimes it will!! I might go out in the morning and it will fire right off but if I let it sit at work all day and go to start it all the dash lights come on and when I turn the key nothing happens not even a started click but if I turn the key a dozen or more time sometime it will work and it will start!! Thought it was the clutch switch but I bypassed that and like I said sometime is wil start and sometimes it won't if it sits battery is brand new.. open for answers thanks
no bolts to remove line from slave cylinder and no bolts to remove slave cylinder from transmission housing.
Scanner displayed PO442. I replaced rottedout vacuum lines but still have fault. Help
all the time i changed the massive air flow sensor and the 02 sensor this the codes that showed up but it didn't make any difference
Vin number 1GCDT13x23K137764
Going in for smog check
Want to go to the junk yard and get the clutch disc, flex plate all three parts can't remember the last one but I want to know what other years can fit in a 2003 s10
P.s it's a standard 5 speed
hand brake wont release
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