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Is there a pigtail adapter that converts a 4l60e pigtail to a nv3500 pigtail for a 2002 chevy s10. Doing a auto to manual swap.
my fuel pump is gone and before i just start unbolting everything i want to know what i need to do to change the fuel pump
Recently while driving the Check Engine light came on and the furl gauge began to move towards empty. Within ten minutes the gauge went from just short of a quarter tank to empty. I was able to get to my mechanic, who checked it out and said it was out of gas. Upon re-starting the engine, the Check light went out and the fuel gauge registered about an eight of a tank. What happened here?.
It's fine at low speed less than 20 mph, but higher it has a constant vibration
I have an 02 chevy S10 ZR2 i replaced on the truck already cap and rotor,spark plugs spark plug wires,MAF sensor,Cylinder head temp sensor, coil pack,fuel,pump,pcm,crankshaft sensor,camshaft sensor and now injectors from CPFI to MPFI and it's still misfiring real bad it's only running on 3 cylinders. My mechanic says he can't get the pcm to synce with the truck and the 3 cylinders that are misfiring. The injectors aren't pulsing on those cylinders. Iv spent 3 months on this and two mechanics have spent a month and a half on it. I don't know what to do anymore. What could be the problem
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Driving
How long have you had this problem? 18 weeks
Had a slow water leak but never went empty. Over heated then wouldn't start. Water in all 4 cylinder but no water in oil. Help???
I have changed the fuel solenoid vent valve and it still kicks the pump off. The truck is giving codes of P0446, P0453 and P0304. The Idle Air Control Valve has been replaced and I have also changed the fuel pump and sending unit as well as checked the little spring and flapper at the entrance to the fuel tank. Any ideas?
Everytime I drive sounds like something is scrapping the ground and when I look, nothing is hanging or scrapping. When I turn it's even louder and when I hit the slightest crack in the road you hear this loud jingling noise. I have no idea what this is. Any ideas? And how much it will cost to fix.
When turning on manual 4 wheel drive it does not work
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