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Also, have a vibration when braking at high speeds. What could be the cause of this?
Have 2000 s 10car stalls and has a difficult crank will drive perfect for maybe thirty mines then car seems not be getting any gas.sometimes it will crank right up other times it starts after 8 tries but will putter out put feet on gas and break charges out the gate runs fine for a while then does the same thing all over again
I replaced my turn signal switch l, the wipers work but the lights,signals, and emergency lights don't work and the truck won't start
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Na
How long have you had this problem? Bout a month
new starter battery alt new battery cables. truck will start an run volt meter go to zero an truck dies wont start acts like battery is dead
a light oil sprays out about every 10min.
under great pressure
what is it code PO105
In first gear when you give it fuel and or are turning left or right a chirping or ticking sound comes from the front end
Send me a diagram of the system so i will know what to change
the panel lights just fine but every gauges is not working
My gauge says that ive burned half a tank of gas, however i set my trip after fueling up and ive only put 90 miles on the truck. it runs fine, no lights and no other drivetrain issues. runs to good to be getting 5mpg and its not leaking from anywhere
How do i get to the whole clutch peddle ?it broke in two places so the peddle is loose going side to side and all the way to the floor
i need an estimate
No 3rd gear shift
My parking brake will not ratchet down and lock brakes
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