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Transmission filter and transmission fluid changed. Added transmission fluid. Was fine going into gear, added approx 1 qt and 1/2 gallon of dexron 6. Added more fluid, It sat all night, started it next morning it was slipping. Drained transmission fluid slowly all day and night. Added fluid to proper reading on dipstick. Won’t go into gear or move.
just died, wont do anything, and no warning light came on
Brand new fuel pump, fuel filter, ignition coils, spark plug wires, spark plugs, battery, clean injectors, air filter, and crankshaft positioning sensor. Truck will crank but no start. It seems to want to catch when I stop cranking but it just back fires out of the intake. Tried starting fluid, didn't start, but when I stopped cranking a flame came out of the intake, the starter fluid catching? All fuses are good. Only code is p0452. Please help!!
Smelling antifreeze and a slight leak in the passenger floorboard
2000 chevy s10 . Throws a puff of white smoke at the start and the oil gets very milky but no overheating. What could it be?
My clutch will not pump up pressure. I installed a new slave cylinder and a new engine. Cannot get the clutch to pump up pressure. Its a 2000 2.2L
when a timing chain breaks what do i do how do you get all of the broken pieces and ? clueless
Just a question
I took off drain under wipers there was no drain under there I was told there is line were the water runs down and comes out under truck
2000 Chevy S10. I have no power to fuel pump. I jumpered relay contacto and have 12 volts at contacts, but still no power at fuel pump connection.
Also, have a vibration when braking at high speeds. What could be the cause of this?
Have 2000 s 10car stalls and has a difficult crank will drive perfect for maybe thirty mines then car seems not be getting any gas.sometimes it will crank right up other times it starts after 8 tries but will putter out put feet on gas and break charges out the gate runs fine for a while then does the same thing all over again
I replaced my turn signal switch l, the wipers work but the lights,signals, and emergency lights don't work and the truck won't start
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Na
How long have you had this problem? Bout a month
new starter battery alt new battery cables. truck will start an run volt meter go to zero an truck dies wont start acts like battery is dead
a light oil sprays out about every 10min.
under great pressure
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