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we have changed the module, fuel pump, distributor, computer, and dash panel it still starts for a second and shuts off now the gauges are not working what is my problem?
What do I do
my buddy got it red hot the engine when he was stuck i pulled the sparkplugs to see what cyl but it keep going with the sound any ideas
ive replaced the bulbs,fuse,and brake plug. I have tail lights but no brake light
When I start and drive it from a "cold" start, the alternator charges as expected; the voltage gage shows in the 14.5v range. When I shut it off and start it back up while still warm (like at a gas station) the volt meter shows around 12v with the battery light on indicating no charge.

Here's what I did so far:
Replaced the alternator (it was old anyway but the problem remains with the new one)- I will take this new one out (it's a remanu) a try a different one.
Replaced the ECM/PCM but still there (seems to run better, oddly enough)
Checked all the grounds - fine
Checked power directly from the alternator both hot and cold: shows the same results as the volt gage.
Checked power at battery, same as volt gage.
Tried different batteries: same result

was told other engines (same size 2.2 ) from different years wont work has to be 99 only! is this true
#3 main bearing is different from the others. This bearing will not let the crankshaft drop into position. It is the same size as the others but when installed it becomes too narrow at the sides. I checked measured everything. The #3 cap is narrower from side to side than top to bottom. Is this weird? How did it fit the old bearings and crank.
When driving step on the brake to stop and the high beam light comes on and the engine dies. The engine won't crank after occasionally the starter clicks and sounds like its searching for ground. Its grounded well can anyone help ?
what do I do now??
I did a compression test wet and dry with not much of a difference both at around 5 to 10 psi. I took the head off and the head gasket looks like it was just put on. The bolts inside the head were tight but the bolts on the outside were not tight but not loose. I'm kinda stuck. Any advice?
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