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When I first start my truck when it shifts from first to second it shifts hard and will only get second and third unless I cut truck off then it will go back to first .The only way I can get it to go in overdrive is switch kee off and fast a going down highways
I need to tune up my Chevy s10 pick up truck I don't know what I need to purchase such as wires plugs cap rotor how many so on and so forth could you please tell me along with the estimate cost so I can get the parts and my mechanic can do the tune up for me:) thank you
Removed lower dash and control panel and still can't get to them. Where can I get step by step guide?
I have a 99' Chevy S10/V6 4WD- Used the OBD II and got this code: P0453/Pressure Sensor Switch High. This just started, and have already cleared the S.E.L. codes, twice. Any help will be appreciated.
zr2 truck not blazer. when i push the button the 4wd actuator clicks, the lights flash but but then goes back to 2wd. the vacuum part is working but the electrical box isn't. how can i test the parts i need and then how do we fix it?
Is there a filter on a 1999s-10 heater core that I can change to keep me from having to replace the whole heater core
When I start my truck it starts fogging up all my my Windows & I was told that my truck has a filter that I can change to keep me from having to pull my whole dash out. Is there a filter or am I going to have to replace the whole heater color. Please I need your help I don't want to have to take the whole dash out. Thanks
Seperate and it looks like it should be the same basic quick release as a air hose hook up has.
It is a manual 4 cylinder engine.
The drivers side of my windshield has a bow in it. I have replaced the wipers 6 times thinking that was the problem but that hasn't worked. The wiper touches only about 3 inches at the bottom and no where else.
Cross connection on battery cables started smoking took out the battery replaced burnt wire cranks but doesn't start replaced 2 fuses one went to the crank the other I don't remember and relay checked fuel pump it works what can be problem.
A small electrical fire that sent smoke into the cab, but quickly burned itself out, is preventing me from getting it smogged. The truck runs fine, but no diagnostic connection can be made. Would this situation qualify me for an extension with DMV allowing me more time to find someone to run down the wiring problem & fix it? Not sure what direction to go in.
My starter makes a grinding noise when I try to start my car so I figured it was the starter. I took it into autozone to get it tested because I just replaced it 8 months ago and it passed. What else could it be? Is it electrical problems? It's happened a few times in the past but now it's everytime I start it. And the only way to stop the noise is to disconnect the battery.
not starting

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