1999 Chevrolet S10 Questions

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Car won't shift unless the engine is turned off.
Drove fine last night, this morning nothing, fluid is a quart low, temperature is in the teens and 20's outside
sicuity light flashing stsrts and dies
I have a 1999 s10 2wd 4.3L Vortec. Had very slight, very infrequent engine hesitation. So I had a shop put on new plugs and wires, and a new fuel filter. Now it is worse. I am thinking it has to be a plug/wire (or less likely, fuel filter) defect, disconnection. The shop has it now and is checking it out. Is there any way the plugs/wires or fuel filter replacement could make the hesitation worse, if it was something else? Or does this have to be a problem with one of the repairs?
the fuel pump is no longer pumping gas to engine and the gasoline gauge stopped reading. wont start
It turns over 6-7 times then starts rough then smoothed out and going up hills it slows down
I have a 99 S10 truck... The dash lights, fuel gauge & heat gauge quit working at the same time... Can u tell me the answer to my problems???
What seems to make the problem better or worse? I don't know
How long have you had this problem? Yesterday
When you turn it over nothing but when you let off the starter it'll pop a few times maybe try to fire once then nothing it goes that way until it finally starts or the battery goes dead
It will sit on empty and when I move around in the truck it will jump to full and vise versa
Have no electrical issues with truck.all lights work except tag lights.any suggestions ?
It almost feels like there is a restrictor plate in it. I was driving down the highway about 60 the check engine light came on and the truck acted as if it lost power. I can accelerate from 0-45 just fine, but getting speed above that is tough
What iam I doing wrong
Head gasket leak:flushed engine,cooling system:added new oil,water:went 2 start 2 add red devil 2 radiator;wouldn't start:checked 4 loose,disconnected wires;replaced battery?checked fuses.nothing?
When I'm shifting from second to third gear truck drops oil pressure and pretty much falls on it face then goes up after 10 second of accelerating
when the outside temperature gets below 32 degrees the truck motor will turn over but it will not start.
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