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My speedodometer doesn't show my speed and the truck won't change gears. Rpm's are showing but speed stays at zero. I have a 98 s10 auto with 4.3l. Just had a motor and trans installed. Drove truck for 2 days with no issues and then today it won't change gears and speed doesn't show. Thanks
I was driving down the highway and it just shut off. It will not start at all . I poured fuel in the throttle body and it still did not start. I just replaced the fuel pump last week. I replaced the distributor about six months ago. Any suggestions on what to check now?
I have a 1998 chevy s10 manual transmisson 2.2 engine i changed the steering column there sent me one with a shift on the column i go to start it it sounds like it wants to start but doesnt then bo mstter how many times after that it just spins dont want to start i dont know what to do
there is not a pcv valve on my valve cover inside or out. Should there be one,is my question?
like I said above I can start the truck but it will not go into gear once started. When attempting to put into gear the truck wants to surge in the direction of the gear I'm trying to engage.
How long have you had this problem? Truck has sat for a few weeks.
Leaks when engine is running
turned key on and put my truck in 2nd, was taking out my driver side dash out and I left it like that. now truck wont start and wont shift out of 2nd
While driving my blazer started running really rough and back firing. I got it home. I was getting a cylinder 2 misfire code along with some exhaust codes. I took it to a shop for diagnosis and they said it was the fuel injectors. $1700 so I decided to do it my self. I noticed that the #1 injector clip by the #2 intake hole was missing. I believe that it is why I have the #2 misfire code. Will it burn out? Has it damaged the engine? Not sure what to do. Any info will help thanks.
changed ignition, fuse box
The biggest issue is when I put it in reverse. It bogs down, sputters and dies every time unless I give it a lot of gas. Buddies have told me it could be vacuum lines or a modulator valve. I had the vacuum lines checked by a mechanic and he said he fixed the problem. Can't find a modulator valve location or part for a 1998 S10 2.2 liter 4 cylinder. Don't even know if it has one. I replaced the spark plugs, sparkplug wires, alternator, starter, fuel filter and the fuel pump. These things helped get the truck started and running but the problem is still there. Any suggestions, input or help would be greatly appreciated!!
I have ordered the parts from GM

The lower dash panels are removed
I was told where it was but not how to reset it
the check engine lights comes on for a crankshaft sensor but ive already replaced it 3 times now with new ones in the past week and the same problem occurs. im driving for about 10 minutes and the engine shuts off on me. i cant figure out what to do
truck has run strong just this issue
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