1997 Chevrolet S10 Questions

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I replaced fuel tank n battery

New plugs, wires,

radiator pressure tested ,o.k./replaced,top/bottom,r,hoses,losing engine coolant

After I replaced my battery, the ac quit (nothing works, not even fan) and cruise control quit. What would cause that?

Recently purchase 1997 S10 Blazer and the 4wd mode light did not come on although it shifts fine into 4 wheel drive. I replaced the mode module and have the same problem. Is there a way to test the pins at the connector to see if it is the wiring without going to the dealer.

Blazer runs fine in cold weather but as soon as it gets hot weather the engine dies while driving. It will start back up and I can travel a few miles and the engine will die again. The air conditioning is not being used and nothing else is on except the radio. I know nothing about cars so any help will be appreciated.

has not gone away since it started

tranny is there a hose i cant see

appoximate cost to replace

noise stops when clutch is engaged.service saidit was the clutch hard is this for me to repair?

I had it checked and everthing seems tight there is no play but when I drive there are times when feels like it is floating. This started after I disengaged from 4 wheel drive, a few weeks ago, I have tried putting it back in 4 wheel drive but nothing helps.

the tester and i am leaking trainy fluid

the 8mm bolt in the spiders houseing? is that the pin that go's through the spiders

im just trying to get little sarah to start, but she wont. i think its just electrical but idk, someone help?

im just trying to go a little faster. lol.