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the injector electrical connector came from a 1997 s10 blazer at the junk yard but the wires were matched wire for wire the truck ran prior to replacing the parts a few days ago the garage pulled the spark plug coil wire tried to start the motor with the coil wire held close and at an angle causing a piece to break off the coil wire i put a code reader on the truck after replacing the parts but came up with no codes so is it the coil wire the injector electrical connector or the fuel line causing my issue not starting?
Noise sounds like it's coming from cat comverter,can barely get up to 35 mph then starts running hot
My 97 s10 4.3l is throwing a p0300 random misfire but it has all new spark plugs, wires, distributer, distributer capand fuel pump. The truck idles a little rough and when the rpm is to low and you give it gas it backfires. But when rpm is high and I'm giving some gas it runs smothley. What can my problem be?
Highest speed on fan blower works off and on. Replaced resistor. No change. Mode setting dial on dash board for heat, a/c, Max, vent, blend seems slightly mushy when finding specific printed stop points per labeled stops on heater/ac controls on dash board. You can turn the dial past all of the labels without feeling a click when passing by each labeled stop point. Feels as if dial needs to be tightened to circuit board from behind heater face plate ???????????????

It sounds like its gonna blow up but after it warms up its not as loud
My 4.3 97 is making a terrible noise and is using alot more gas and i have a black liquid coming out my exhaust
Engine idle to fast at stop signals what's to go without me stepping on the gas pedal
I also replaced a corroded cable end and put in a new battery
Sounds like broke timing chain but everything is ok
I need to replace the valve but can not locate it, I was told it was on top of the intake manifold, on the right side near the distributer cap. But the wires for the plugs go under the port fuel injection manifold on the left side of the engine. (Pass side) I must have been quoted a fix for a different year or engine. The codes say the purge valve is not responding, it's only a 12.00 part, but I can't locate it. I'm told by the original owner that the SES light has been on for many years, almost since he bought the vehicle.
After traveling for 1-1 1/2 hours it starts running like it's running hot
Why is there a buzzing sound in the fuel lines of my truck?

What I have found to date:
- When alternator is unplugged, the sound disappears (brand new alternator)
- When fuel pump relay is unplugged while running, pump continues to run but vibration changes pitch (relay gets warm when inserted)
- Fuel gauge has started acting funny (starts low and works its way to where it should be)
- Only seems to be bad on IDLE
- runs normal
- confirmed on stethoscope sound is only in fuel lines, predominately the return line
Any help would be greatly appreciated! I am very confused.
Also replaced fuel filter and it was completely clogged. And about a month ago my buddy crossed the jumper cables while trying to jump me off. And it melted the postive wire in half on my side. Don't know if that has anything to do with it
Is there an o ring that goes on hydraulic line connector that slips over nipple connection on the bottom of the clutch master cylinder then is held together using a retaining pin? I know there is one on the end of the line that connects the line to the slave cylinder, but not one seen for master cylinder.
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