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It's the fuse that goes to the battery number 9 every time you put in a fuse then turns the keyit blows out
Has spark, getting fuel, just wont start.
Runs for 2 seconds then shuts down. I replaced fuel pump. Replaced battery
I took this thing twice to a shop and they never have fixed it right. When you signal left the top brake light on the cab blinks with the signal. Also the front only blinks that light under the main headlight. Also when you signal left and put on the brake it just completely stops blinking until you take your foot off the brake. Same thing happens when you put the hazards on the just stop when you put your foot on the brake. But the right signal works fine foot on or off the brake. I don't know what to with it the guys at the shop I go to apparently don't know what they're doing. So any help is worth taking.
Runs fine most of the time but sometimes it starts to miss and clears up or dies. but it seems to restarts every time
I can start truck runs fine drive for a few minutes.shut it off then when I try to restart it .All I get is dash lights buzzer but that's it like it's not getting power to starter connections are tight ,no curossion. Won't even turn over??
I fixed the starter wire and When i started it back up it was making a knocking noise. The trucks oil pressure when running is at 60. I hooked an actron OBD II pocketscan and these ate the codes it gave me...P0102, P1351,P1860, P1864, P1886.
In the gas.
With the truck not movies
this problem, and how much will it cost?
Put a new motor and found out the pan was cracked
Have replaced cap &rotter, main computer, fuel line,
Fire is going to the core fire going to distributor but it's not coming through the spark plugs.
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