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My turn signals and headlights not working properly. One headlight burns brighter than the other. And turn signal only trys to work when emergency flashers on
My car keeps on reading it's overheating and then it goes down and then it goes back up and it goes down and it goes back up then goes down I don't know what's wrong with it and someone please help me out cuz I change the thermostat I change the radiator and I change the temp sensor
Makes no noises, but burns more fuel than normal, doing this
1995 Chevy S10 will not go over 40mph and burns more than normal fuel. Changed spark plugs and still did the same.
I have fire, compression, firing order is correct, getting fuel to throttle body, however, after I try to start it and pull a spark plug out, "any of them", they are bone dry. Could it be a vacuum line hooked up wrong that would cause it from not getting fuel to the plugs? I also have a python 1400xp remote start on the vehicle, "I've never had an issue with the remote start before" could it be in theft mode and cause it not to start? the vehicle sat for four years up until two years ago. I replaced the fuel pump and battery and it fired right up.
Once transmission or clutch heats up it gets hard to shift in all gears. As long as it is cooled off it shifts fine, but it heats up only after 20-30 miles.
This happened once before when raining then worked again. This time wet and dry weather have never started working again for a couple months now.
Drives good on 1st and 2nd
Ck spark plugs and vacuum leak
B4 I tear into intake after ckn for vacuum leak
Any input ?
I have had to replace the rear U joint 4 times in the past 2 years & 2 of those times has been within the last 4 months. My title says its a 95 short bed S-14 but the parts are always for a S-10.
I have a 95 s10 2wd with 2.2motor and auto trans it runs and drives fine till it gets warmed up then the speedometer drops to 0 and quits working and it wont shift after that from what ever gear you were in but will still drive and when it cools back down the problem goes away can anyone here help me
My 1995 Chevy s10 is idoling really fast. I have replaced tps,fuel pump,fuel filter, have checked for vaccumm leaks, replaced two hoses that I thought were leaking. I can't smell gas or exhaust coming from anywhere. What is causing this problem?
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