1994 Chevrolet S10 Questions

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Why is my alnater heating up wen my car is off

My truck will not idle down. It has a 4.3 v6 engine

Located near the center of the dash.

Occurred after removing dash. I installed a home made switch which worked. I suspect other problems.

manual transmission
4 cylinder

My truck sputters when I start it at times it will shift correctly but mostly doesn't run smooth, like it's having a hard time getting fuel. It will backfire between 40-50mph it has a strong gas smell when running and it wants to die out when in reverse while backing up.

Can not figure how to get the ignition switch out of a1994 S10 4.3 liter blazer.

this is the last year of the boxy style the blower runs and when i shut off the car it stops then it just turns on by itself sometimes

My truck will try to stall if i give the gas just a little throttle if i go full throttle it responds nice but it sounds like it gots the hiccups what could be the issue

the locking was initially resolved by backing up a few feet, then it locked up for good after that. Please help me to identify: 1) the suggested problem, & 2) what/where to begin repair?
Thank you!

And has a strong gas smell

blasting like the choke is stuck, the odometer and speedometer quit functioning, the antilock (abs) light, service engine soon light, and brake lights all come on and stay on from anywhere from traveling less than a mile to ten miles then everything goes back to normal...........

Fuel leak where line connects to the fuel rail. such little room to move a wrench, between block and firewall, and need to know procedure repair/replacement. Not familiar with newer vehicles, as you can see by username, seemed like an easy fix but now it looks like pulling the motor just to fit a wrench on it and this can't be! I'm very confident in being able to repair it and would like to know the proper order of procedures in order to assure i neither make the problem worse or more difficult then needed. Thank you sincerely for any help.