1994 Chevrolet S10 Questions

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The noise is loud at oil pan and noticeable at water pump
I have a 1995 Chevy s10 over heated bad now temp sensor don’t work now. Well my problem is i cannot get the truck to run unless I take away the fuel source and it runs long enough for me plug it back in. As it cranks it sprays out fuel but won’t start got good fire from everywhere. The weird part is I take the fuel away and in a half turn maybe full turn it starts right up no excessive cranking plug fuel back in and everything good. Until I kill it for longer than a minute than nothing again till I disconnect the fuel and it starts right up again.
truck has been running good started yesterday fine this morning won't start checked for lose wires didn't find any
This occurs about every 40 starts. I get it to crank the engine my twisting the key about 30 times, sometimes pushing the key in. Then the key will crank the engine at first touch. I do have a phantom electrical drain, but I disconnect the 1 year old battery when I'm not driving the truck. If I need to replace the ignition key cylinder, is that a DIY or professional job? Thanks for any help. Mike
It will keep at that idal when cold and warm
I have a 94 s10 pickup 2.2l manual I am having a strange problem when the whether is extremely cold (below freezing temps) it over heated after about 10 minutes of driving and then after I let it cool down I start it back up and it over heats within 5 minutes of sitting I can't figure out what it is I have done a pressure test and it was fine but it does leak coolant in the summer which makes no sense at all I just really want to know why it does this the body has 228xxx motor was replaced with a used one at 120xxx the motor that was put in had 98xxx on it please someone solve my issue
Temperature sensor guage doesn't work
Okay between the water pump and the power steering pump I've got water dripping down on the ground in a tedy steam the engine is a 6 cyc with a 4.3 and z body code
My oil pressure gauge stays up after shutting off the car, and the engine is loud, with almost a squealing/grinding quality to sound. Checked oil, levels good. This is a constant occurrence. Any ideas?
Why is my alnater heating up wen my car is off
My truck will not idle down. It has a 4.3 v6 engine
Located near the center of the dash.
Occurred after removing dash. I installed a home made switch which worked. I suspect other problems.
manual transmission
4 cylinder
My truck sputters when I start it at times it will shift correctly but mostly doesn't run smooth, like it's having a hard time getting fuel. It will backfire between 40-50mph it has a strong gas smell when running and it wants to die out when in reverse while backing up.
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