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Greetings I have a 1993 s-10 and recently replaced my idle air control valve because I apparently had problems with the rpm when I turned on the air. Currently I turn on the air and it's stable but after several minutes I'm driving when I stop the rpm's go down a lot as if it were going off. I have to accelerate it hard over 6 to 7,000 rpm to normalize. There is no light in the panel.
At idol no sound while driving it makes the sound hard to describe the sound it sounds like air or water could be electrical start to brake and slow down noise stops . Drove 4 miles nothing coming back it started the noise
Noise occurs after start engine every time engine is started. Noise has gotten louder over the past few weeks. Some loss of acceleration. Noise occurs after engine has warmed up and does not stop. Changed cap and roter no effect on noise
it has the 2.2L engine. It just quit one day and have checked for spark and has spark and fuel injectors are spraying fuel into the throttle body but it just cranks and won't fire.... any help is appriciated
I gotta prime the throttle body and it will fire but to keep it even remotely runnimg i gotta pump the hell outta gas pedal and all it wants to do is spit and spudder. Its getting fuel to the throttle body all my lines are right no leaks anymore i was told change the throttle position sensor. Anyone ever have the same problem? Evrything seems to go fine until i try and fire it up its a 93 tbi 5 speed single cab 2wd id appreciate it if someone can get back to me its the only ride i got and a family and job so i gotta have wheels. Thanks in advance.. Like i said pump works sending unit pushes gas to motor i got spark but will not stay running it fires spits and spudders and dies
1993 4.3 on acceleration occasionally has no power and spits back thru throttle body
v/6 4.3 engine
they will need to be replaced
It won't fire , get gas n the oil pan, just wondering why and what I need to do it a 93 gmc somona 4.3, even time I try to start it!
I changed spark plugs map sensor fuel filter changing ignition coil today any suggestions will help
It's hard to put into gear and grinds when you put it in reverse
how do you replace ac selector switch or disassemble
When I try to drive my truck it stalks when u give it any gas in 1 st gear .unless I keep my foot on gas pedal at all times when I'm at a stopped position at a light or pulling onto the road. Unless I pump the gas pedal fast or floor it when I start to go it will stall. Very sluggish in 5 the gear as well
So I'm thinking its the coolant temperature switch could I get a conformation on that
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