1992 Chevrolet S10 Questions

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Im not sure if its the fuel pump or not if not what could it be?
Sputters and stumbles then turns off and check engine light comes on but only when ac is turned on
i have a problem with my s10 its a 1992 4x4 s10 wth a 4.3 i just got the truck i have noticed when it gets over 55 mph it whines and it whines louder as it decelerates once it goes back down in speed it pops and stops whineing at all whats the problem
I got my truck on oct. 1991 the gauges don't work when lights are turn but not all the time about six months ago I took it to the chevy dealer it cost $180.00 and they didn't no fix it.. Some of the dash lights don't work but that's ok I can live with that.
I need help to find out how to fix them!
Put the old steel wheels back on and no problems. Wondering if this is a balance problem or somethind worse
My Neice driving my 1992 S-10 2.5L engine ran it low on engine oil. The engine kind of bucked while at a stop light and when she put her foot on the gas the engine died. After putting oil in when I try to start the engine turns 1/4 turn then the starter motor stops. Each time I try to start it turns another 1/4 turn.
my heater motor works fine on low speed and medium speed but no on high
cylinder the pedal has to be pushed hard to the floor and I still have to force it into gear and when in gear tries to pull off. I also bleed the system. What did I miss?? it's a 2.8 V6
Yes sir I have a 1992 Chevrolet s10 pickup 4.3 liter v6.. The truck runs fine and will crank up as many times as u try to start the pickup as long as it is totally cool or hasn't been running for about 10-30 miles but after 10-30 miles of running (running temp at about 210/215) it sometimes will die on u cranked sometimes it will die idling, sometimes it will run just fine but ALWAYS after it has been running at least 10-30 miles n it either dies on me or i turned the truck off. It will never crank back up for at least a hour to sometimes a half of a day. When u try to crank it it doesn't make ticking noise so i know it not the heads it sounds just like normal the engine turns over and everything it just won't crank up till it sits n cools off.
Replaced fuel pump and sensor but still don't run .starts for 20 30 secs and dies. I give it gas and it bogs and wants to die when release pedal it returns idle but still dies, checked fuses and am getting fuel to injectors ..but still won't run ..
and rotor , also new module
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