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I broke the door handle on the outside of my '88 S10 and when I tried to open it from the inside it wouldn't budge. I checked and it was unlocked and it just wouldn't open. Without getting the door open I can't take the panel off to access the latch and see what the problem is. The handles just flop back and forth on either side of the door.
Engine runs fine doesn't seem to overheat problem started by four five weeks ago the temperature gauge would heat up above 220 and then all the sudden drop back down to where it was supposed to be and then go back up again and come back down and it got worse and that goes all the way up to 260 and the check gages light comes on but the engine does not seem to be overheating
Sometimes when I'm driving my truck down the highway it'll sometimes smother itself out like it's not getting either enough fuel or its getting to much air idk and every time I try to crank the engine I have to loosen the fuel injector I need some help
It wants to start but then die,fuel pump is shutting off
I need to know how to bleed my clutch
We put in a new master cylinder and slave cylinder and just can not get the line to bleed out please help
Dumping into the cylinders. I replaced map, pressure regulator, changed the injector.
The vacum line is behind the tps on the passenger side of the motor
My motor is running on 4 cylinders after tuning up my 4.3L V6,i put new plugs, wires, and cap/rotor on the motor but it's still only running on 4 cylinders. What could be the problem?
Original was stolen.
Got it home checked fire fuel pressure all was great scratched my head, then got my dad to spin over the engine injector wasn't spraying fuel, so I first replaced the ignition module in the distributor, then the oil pressure switch, then the computer, checked all fuses, used throttle body and injector, ignition starter switch on the column under the dash, still nothing I'm at a loss. I can take the battery cable lose and wiggle it and the injector sprays fuel like nothing is wrong, about to light a match lol
CV joint-mechanic says it is idler arm, center bar
and rotors need replacing...would that cause the bad cv joint like clunking sound?
and rotors need replacing...would that cause the bad cv joint like clunking sound?
it is the expensive control module as there are two but not inter usable
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