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Idles fine when started then on takeoff acts like it wants to stop. Sputtering then it's like it catches and goes. Runs ok driving down the road but then shuts off when I come to a stop unless I hold break and keep foot on gas Erving engine
I take off & it struggles to get power. I'll go bout 30 mph n the check engine light starts blinking.?
Makes just a slight clicking sound
My 1998 Chevy Prizm got to where it don't want to pull up hills today and it's been doing it ever since 11 am this morning and I don't know whats making it do it so can someone please help?
Drove the car, everything worked perfect. Parked it and the next day had no headlights. Put new bulbs in lights and dimmer switch, didn't help but this is where it got really bad on me. Now the lights come on auto but then they will go off, if you turn the dimmer on we lose brake lights, interior lights, but will have headlights. I really don't know what is going on here! Any help or advice is appreciated! We also have to things showing up PO420 and PO325 if that has anything to do with it? Thank you, Kathie and John
How much would it cost to replace and fix from the exhaust manifold To the muffler.
It is possible they are nesting in the engine somewhere. I have seen evidence that they have been all over the inside of my car.
the car will start and turn off over nd over. then i will leave it for 10 -20 min come back and it runs like a top.for a while i had a terrible smell like either comming from underneith the car near rear of drivers front door. pulled panel under rear seat revealed fitting for fuel pump with wires and a tube. all tubes/lines/pipes going to front of car covered by a plastic cover like i have never seen.
why is the light on even with new brakes
Does this mean the AC compressor needs to be replaced. Or is there other alternatives.
My car has taken an additional 2 quarts of oil since my last oil change. I have driven 2500 miles since the change. I do not hear any clicking from the engine just high usage. There is no leaking. I check the oil each week and have been adding about 8 oz. each time it shows lower. I am not a mechanic so do not know the technical stuff.
The Hayes manual shows one for the 1.8, but its not on the 1.6.
I have good spark and fuel , just wont run, stopped on the road like it was turned off.
So far it seems the fuel injectors are not letting fuel into the engine.
Does this seem right?
Fuel injectors ..
The book says only one of 2 terminals on the connector for the fuel injector should be hot when connected to ground, but both of them on all injectors are hot all the time when grounded.
It seems to me, that the item (camshaft position sensor ?) is shorted out or no ground. I cant find anything showing a CPS in any manuals and the toyota service dept, who have been helpful , im surprised , say the CPS is located where im looking, but thats only on the 1.8 engine.
need to change throttle sencer
I recently have an oil change and the mechanic stated that I had oil leaking from the valve cover gasket. He said that the filter needing replacing soon. How much should this cost me?
It happen at night when i went to the store as i was headed home i turn on my headlights and the car shut down

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