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my radiator separated from overheating so i replaced it along with thermostat. i replaced water pump 20,000miles ago . after 3 weeks of good driving my radiator split on the side near the top hose opening. i welded it with jbweld. after 30 minutes of run time lower hose swells and leaking from weld. pump has a minor leak only when hose swelling occurs. also noticed my fans do not go on. even if they did 30 minutes is a short time for overheating right? what now?
Want to know how to repair it could I weld it or
just started, parked car afterwards till solution found.
I am trying to find out if I can get a window off any other year Monte Carlo that would fit the same.
when driving the gauges stop working turn the car off turn it back on the gauges come back on
I have damage to my hood and can't find a replacement the same year
I have an 06 monte carlo with a 3900 and it will miss 2nd gear. When I first leave with it it will miss 2nd and free rev until I slow down enough to down shift back to first after doing this a couple times it will shift as it should until I let it sit and cool down.
I have a steering fluid leak in my 2006 Monte Carlo. I was starting to hear this whining sound, i checked my hood and saw it was coming from around my engine belts. I had a friend push on the gas and discovered a leak in the steering pump. Is it ok to drove until i have the time to fix it myself?
I recently changed fluids in my car. All of a sudden my car won't drive in drive mode. It will go in reverse and 3,2,1 but doesn't shift. It moves but no shifting? I really need my car. Is this an expensive fix? Is the problem coming from numerous things? Need help, please??????
I have a v8 SS, cylinder number six had low pressure and smoke was coming out of my tailpipe and running rough but the engine light on they deactivated my active fuel management and then I got my pressure back on that cylinder. They going to do a valve job and resurface the heads up.
I want a fair price.
The system lights are on all of the time. The brake control module has been replaced and programmed. All wheel sensors are working properly. I have read this is an ongoing problem for this model car so I am looking for solutions that I can check for.
I'm at 112000 miles and this just started a couple days ago. It's not every time I move the shifter from park to reverse. Transmission fluid levels are good and seems to shift ok when I'm accelerating while in drive.
i have already replace the blower motor resistor. "an ac delco brand" my next step was to replace the relay switch but the fuse box under the hood don't indicate witch one is for the blower motor
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