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I had the heater in my 2005 Monte Carlo repaired last winter and it worked fine. 3 months ago, when it was the summertime and hot, I needed to have the compressor replaced for my AC to then work. The AC worked perfectly for the rest of the summer, but it's cold again now and the heater doesn't work! In fact, when I turn on the heater, it blows cold air!

I don't know WHO to blame for this, the first mechanic who repaired my heater last winter or the AC repair guy from a few months ago. Nor do I know what's causing this problem now. If I had to guess, I'd say that whatever happened during the replacement of my compressor caused my heater to stop working but I need to have a better idea of what this problem is so I can go back to one of these two repairs guys to complain about it and have this problem fixed.
I have a 2005 mote carlo 3.8 with 195000 miles. it will runs fine but will stall out after driving just a few miles {2-15}. it will just shut down and will not restart. it sets a mass air flow code and will start and repeat this as soon as you clear the code. the mass air flow sensor was replaced with a known good part but the problem persists. It will idle fine for as long as you want . the problem started within 100 miles of the engine being washed off but ran fine immediately after that had been done. an abs connector on the right front had just been installed and the codes for that cleared. any suggestions?
When I turn on the heat I have a strong gas smell.
Static comes through speakers with radio off
Changed thermostat,water pump,head gaskets,manifold gaskets,valve cover gaskets intake gaskets,radiator flush, still running hot...
Driving car and the RPM's show between 5 and 6. Car seems to shift gears okay.
Problem just started today car just leaked from under car
Sometimes it hardly moves and other times will go all the way to 140mph
I asked this of everyone, including manual, repairman, etc. I discovered by myself, that when I left the turn indicator on, it started CHIMING!
It happens at random times even when the car is off and I open the door.
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