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It started in May 2015 and did it off and on for 4 weeks and then stopped until September 18, 2015. I had work done on the car before each time.
Engine cranks, I can hear the fuel pump cycle, the security light flashes on once but goes out, I've tried disconnecting the battery, checked fuses...I'm at a loss.
The fluid is a pinkish color
Wen it happened the car started to loose power an shut off. I had to put5 quarts of oil but by then a loud knocking noise started. Also was overheating but wouldn't show wen you opened the hood only on the gauge. Please help!!!!
I have a 2004 Monte Carlo SS with 135,000 miles on it. The Fuel Gage points from about the 8 oclock position to straight down, depending on the amount of fuel in the tank. The fuel used setting on the overhead counsel seems to be accurate.
Hearing a buzzing/humming sound when speed is past 35-40 mph?? Sound is not affected by heater or radio being on.
I have been having problems in making sharp turns (like something grabbing in the steering) for quite a while now. But now there is an annoying sound like the car is in a lower gear when I get the speed past 35-40 mph. I have to drive the freeway daily at much higher speeds than that just to keep up with the traffic but I'm getting scared of my car. Anyone have any idea what might be wrong? Thanks for any help. Carol
Putting car into drive revs high but doesn't move then will jerk hard and barely move
I noticed when stopped at a light thick white smoke was coming out of my exhaust but it does not happen all the time. I also a jerk that starting to get worse it seems to happen when I'm accelerating there is a brief stall then a jerk feels like something dropped happen to anyone before?
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