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last few days it come on after i have filled the tank so i know it has gas i change the trip gauge so i can keep an eye on it until i can afford the cost to change sensor worried the car will believe electronically its out of gas and stall will this happen? nothing else is wrong including the check engine light is not on
And started to overheat. But today everything is fine.Took up and down hills, highways no problem. Never happened before.
I drive and about 5 minutes after driving car dies no noise when it dies but car will start right back up after it dies. When its cold outside car runs good
its winter time and it just started doing it, I did install a ne battery three weeks ago.
This last summer I installed a new starter due to the fact that my car refused to start at a job site resulting in me having to hammer my exposed post on my old starter, after that every time I would use my car it would have the security indication on the dash, every so often it wouldn’t start unless I let it sit there for 15-30 minutes, but just 1.5 weeks ago I parked my car outside and went out of town for 4 days and when I came back it wouldn’t start so I just let it sit for 10 minutes and tried again but nothing happened not even clicking so I did some research and thought that it might be the ignition switch so I bought one and installed that just this last weekend and yet i still haven’t been able to get it to start, what could possibly be wrong; I drive a 2004 Chevy Monte Carlo ls.
i need to know why there would be low voltage reading going to the abs system
Just bought a Monte Carlo 2004 runs great but has a ticking noise constantly
Only when reversing my car or you have the car on park. Is makes a loudifference noise too
A few weeks ago my signals started making a loud sound like a frying sound, shortly after that all my dash lights, raído lights I mean every light that is in the interior later my car was starting weak so I replaced the car battery, to only end up with my car in the worst posible shape DEAD!, my car is completely dead, checked all the fuses and relays, It seems like there is no juice but they battery is good I took it back to auto one they checked it showed me the readings, anyone with any advise please I welcome it all thank you
What could bee possible reason
For this to bee happening
How much does it cost to replace both wheel barrel does the check transactions lite comes one when wheel barrels need replace
My window motor works however i wanna know why it wont roll up or down... If its cauae off track and if so how can i get it on track myself and if its a clip same question and answer please thanks for yiur time
my floor mats are wet.
What could cause this?
I'm about to purchase a 2004 MC w/3.4L engine. Which is the bad one? This one or the 3.8. Dealer is saying 3.4 is a the best (of course), while my personal mechanic is saying that the 3.4L is the worst. Car is for son, looks nice, no radio, a couple of cosmetic problems, asking $2400 - will offer $2000. Is this fair?
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