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They work for a little then they stop working.
Excessive rear inner tire wear what are the causes

sometimes when I start the car the info center does not come on and the cruise light is on and you turn the heater on the cruise light goes off but the blower won't come on, then all the sudden the cruise light will go off and the info will come on and the blower will work and the wipers then the blower will just shut off and the cruise light will come back on. I replaced the wiper motor a few months back cuz they would not always come on and they said it was the motor. This has been going on with the cruise shutting off for a while then the blower started shutting off and now the blower will work for a few seconds then it stops and the cruise light comes on and I can turn the fan dial and the cruise light will come on and off
Good battery
No dash lights
Engine wont crank
a client of mine has a 03 Monte Carlo 3.4 l she says that she has a po440 code will that cause the code to come up as a raw fuel. will it tell the computer to run a po440 code
My car was getting hot i replaced the coolant temp sensor and was driving, car lost compression, smelled something burning, spark plug wires burned.
My air conditioner on my 2003 Monte Carlo SS keeps blowing the relief valve on the compressor. We have had it recharged 3 times. We had the valve replaced and it blew again. We replaced the 2 speed fan and it blew again. Each time we had it recharged it lasted about 3 days a I'm sitting at a stop light and it will let go again. What ese could ot possibly be? The car runs fine and there are no dash lights indicating a problem.
Monday I was driving and my steering wheel got really hard to turn, battery light came on. Pulled to the side of the road restarted it and was fine until tonight, steering got rough my battery light kept flickering and all my dashboard lights came on pulled over shut it off and it wouldn't turn back on. Just got the car jumped it was fine. All the computer is saying is a bad coolent fan
the factory paint is very defective. The paint on my car is white and started around december 2016. my car looks like complete trash with giant chipped paint spots all over. Every time i wash my car the hose strips the paimt away. ive never seen any thing like it. This is a manufacture issue. i have a neighbor with the same car as mine and hes having the same problem. will the manufature fix this?
turn signal issue both directions blinks twice and stops flasher works fine
My MC has does not blow hot/cold air at all I have tried to blow air through the vents and all other positions. I noticed it use to pop on at random then it just stopped completely. I was told to test the relay first but can't find it. None of the fuses under the hood say blower motor.
Im trying to locate to where i poor power steering fluid at?
My car won't start sometime
power widows/ motor keeps breaking.
On both sides, have replaced 4 times and just went out again on drivers side.. it is hard for me to believe I have the only 2003 monte carlo with this problem. Get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you, Mrs. Johnson
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