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I have a 02 monte carlo my key ignition will not turn off I have to disconnect the battery every time I try to turn the car off or my battery will die. The key will come out of the ignition at any position it is in while it's running or off. It is not hard to start or get the key in or out. I tried changing ignition out but could not get the new key to come out of the new ignition so I put my old one back in. What could be the problem or what do I need to look for replace fix or find to resolve my issue?
I had the could come up for a multi misfire which then I replaced the coil pack that had 1 and 4 on it and cleared the code the I got #3 cylinder misfire code can I move my #3 wire to another coil pack and see if the problem follows with out hurting my engine I have a 2002 monte carlo with a 3.4 SFI engine
Transmission is shifting real fast, 1st to overdrive in seconds
when i put it in drive or reverese it goes into gear but when i accelerate it clunks loud at the wheels. it will not roll in neutral either
No brake light when mashing on turning signals work sometimes
When I try to turn on high beams they do not work. Absolutely nothing happens. I will back on the blinker deal and the blinkers work just not the high lbeams
The key won't turn unless I jiggle it for 5 minutes. This happens every time I start the car. I'm hoping someone can help.
Just purchased a 2002 MC SS with 37K miles. The car has problems starting on the first try but starts right up on the second try. This seems to happen when the car is hot. The crankshaft sensor has just been replaced.
Hello, I just bought a 2002 Monte Carlo SS with about 156,000 miles. It has a few problems like stalling that we are working on. But another issue it has is that the Service Traction System light comes on intermittently. I thought maybe it was because it was set as on and not off but rather it is on or off the warning light still comes on. Any ideas about what to do with this? Thank you in advance for your time.
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