2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Questions

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Smoke come from the exhaust tail pipe when first turn on engine and even if you let car run for 15 minutes or more. There's no notification light that appears on dash board when this happens.
Threads are not damaged no sign of cross thread , so much pressure thought they were gonna snap into . Should i use tap of same size plug thread n run in n out of plug ports . Gd or Bad idea ?? Looks like they have been in motor for some time !!
Threads were not damaged no sign of cross thread , should i use tap of same size n run down plug ports , Good or Bad idea ?? Not to mention will definately use anti seize !
First changed oil (10/40 though I need a heavier oil) and added oil treatment a few weeks ago because of a loud tapping or ticking noise. Car still had noise but did quiet down. Now car has a very loud knocking noise at idling and acceleration. Almost sounds like something is hitting against something
When activating the turn signal switch, the ABS/Security/Traction lights come on, and there is a strange noise coming from the dash / speedo / gauge area. Any ideas on what the issue may be. It acts fine, when only the hazard switch is activated.
I had one Mechanic say that the PVC, pipes begin to leak over time and need to be replaced, totally.
Costing between 200 and 400 dollars, Is this True?
Resivore looks gunky?
I have 2000 chevy Monte Carlo
has 2 horns, bought new one, didnt work. put back old horns, worked a lil louder, now back to hardly nothing again.
It just stopped blowing but i still feel heat just not from where it suppose to come from.
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