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puy freon runs cold for awhile till I shut it off then has a loud noise and only warm air when I start car several hours later only for a few minute after I put it in gear
Put Freon in and will hold as long as I am driving, but when I shut it of has a loud noise and then no clod air. Won't hold Freon.
My car ran out of oil and by the time I realized it, the car began to knock pretty bad. I stopped right then and put in 3 qts of oil. This caused the knocking to quieten to a mild tick. However, that was 4 days ago and since then the ticking has became a slightly mild knock again. The car hasn't seemed to lose much power if any, but then I have also been taking it super easy and slow on it. I know that it is either a rod or a lifter arm knocking. My question is if it is either of those can it be replaced or is replacing the engine my only option.
my auto shop says I have a oil leak in the top manifold on my Monte Carlo
it not bad but he wants to charge $800.00 to install a new seal. the car has a 139,000 mile on it . it just a work car hail damage etc.. don't want to put that much into it. will it make it worse?? I want to try to get around 200, 000 out it or a little more if I can. if it will work any suggestions on a certain brand? any help will be appreciated. thx
the heater just is not getting as hot as it did last fall/ winter . does it needs to be flushed or just add anti freeze?
It is a line running to the radiator
i have pic i really need to now how much to estimate to repair the back end i can send pics meeting. Someone for the car just need to now how much to look at phone 912-439-0181 if u can help i will pay when money come
Ok my problem is my serpentine belt is off a couple notches on the crankshaft it aligned the right way on the alternator and the water pump and the the other pulley and down the tensioner and even on the crankshaft but when I start the car it is been pulled a couple notches off of the crankshaft it hasn't fallen off it's quite a lot and squeals alot and you know it doesn't seem to be running as well as it should and I'm sure that it's going to break soon if I don't get it to stay on the crankshaft is there something I can do is the crankshaft adjustable or is there some other part that I missing
Was stalling out. replaced mass air flow. now when started it when it warm it wont idle to stay started. when is cold its fine. if i drive to store it wont stay started. check engine light came back on had it checked still says mass air or o2. What do you think?
Also brakes get wet low trac light comes on. I had brakes changed still comes on.??
i have a grinding sound on front passenger side when i turn to my left. ive researched what could be wrong and all signs point to the wheel bearings. i havent had my car looked at yer but from what i can tell its the bearings.
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