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Where the dip stick is?
Checked electrical connections and vacuum hoses
Just stared but won't start at all seem like no fuel but my wife did put to much fuel cleaner in it at gas stations. Started running ruff then stopped running. But when it did start to act up it ran good at higher speeds
Loud grinding rattling noise from the alternator or something could it be the bearings

You can move the shifter & engine sounds like it changed gears but it doesn't move. Is something not hooked up? Is new (used) tranny bad? Something else we can try?
Occurs when car is at an idle only. Stops when I press gas pedal just a fraction
And the gas is not even full
Uncertain when the high-pitched buzzing sound started, it's my wife's car, but it seems she started to mention the noise some time after we bought new tires. It's difficult to explain the noise; I do have a recording of it but there's no option to upload the audio file on this web site. It appears the noise is coming from the front of the car on the driver's side. It is not grinding, scratching, growling, thumping, humming or any of the usual sounds I have encountered before. I have checked the structs and the brake pads for excessive wear, they're both okay. I have been under the car and have not found anything to be loose or missing. The timing belt and water pump were changed about four years ago. The car is basically for work commuting so only about 6,000 miles per year are put on it. The car does not have power steering and is a three speed automatic. As stated above, the sound comes and goes in both frequency and loudness, it is not predictable. Any ideas?
a few days ago I went to start my car to go to work but it would not start the engine is getting electrical power and the starter is doing its job but it does not crank. It has 88K miles.
my car is loosing speed going uphill, and the check engine light is on.
I turn my car on and it doesnt go into reverse. The other gears work and the car rolls back when i put it into neutral so it isnt the emergency brake. I put two quarts of transmission fluid in because it had none. Why is this happening? Whats wrong with it? How much to fix it?
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