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please help
I overhauled the engine five months ago when I pulled off the pipe it had RV Sealant on it over th eO ring.

We put it all back together and the coolant intake Pipe had a new O ring but when we started to fill it with coolant it leaked. I pulled the pipe off and gooped it up with high temp gasket sealant and it stopped the leak.

Now it is leaking again. It seemed either the O ring was not the right one or something is missing from the pipe to make it fit tight.

Does anyone know why the pipe does not seal with the required O ring?
Engine cranks.. Has good spark.. timing is on..getting fuel.. did not ck fuel pres..though i feel fuel pump working..cyls has 140 +/- psi wet...what next ?
Worn engine mounts
My metro makes a noise like a clank clank noise when accelerating at certain miles, doesn't make the sound if going slower or when first starts,only when going fast.Does not have engine lights on. Recently where the wheel is attach on the passenger side that broke down I thought it was a tie rod or something related but it wasn't. I got it fix is weld and reinforce..I wonder if that might be something that got loose when it hit the floor or if it might be the fan..I can feel inside the sound like when the car goes faster..a not sure if when the car goes faster also the fan will acelarate too...I really don't think is the motor but not sure..I had a car before that used to make a similar noise,it overheated and broke down how ever the check engine was on..not on the metro..this is a well taken care has only 84,000 original miles.. The inside is almost new the rugs the seats everything... Please help me at least some hints... Also all he's oils are on point a said no check engine on and all the lights work fine...
While driving, the ability to accelerate disappeared. At first I thought it was the engine, but when I pulled over the engine was still running. There was no noise at all when this happened just a loss of acceleration. No movement in drive or reverse or L1, L2...
Which Mark on cam do you use for timing belt. There are two marks. Didn't disconnect any electronics. Please help. Thanks.
i have a 98 metro 1.3l 4 cylander
When my 98 geo 5speed with 1.0 gets real cold it won't start just cranks over after u push it inside and it warms up it starts fine enyone have an idea
I just wonder if any of these sensors are bad, but i don't have a check engine light on it just they dosen't finish their cycle still flashing in the obd II reader and dtc present. thanks
Recently our Metro would not start.Even after an attempted jump luck. Our mechanic diagnosed a failed starter and recommended replacing and older and weakening battery.Both items were replaced. One week later it is acting the same way. Any help would be appreciated.
Ok I got a two part question for anyone who can anwser them first i have a 98 metro and when the vehicle is warmed up, I get in to start it and it turns over but will not start I turn it off and continue to try it for a couple minutes before it will start I've replaced fuel pump, strainer, spark plugs, wires, distriputor cap, and rotor what else can i do? Second question is when i'm at high speeds on interstate whenever my foot slips off gas peddle I loose all power to the engine The car slowes down and after a few seconds it kicks back in any suggestions
where is the crank sensor located
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