2007 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx Questions

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I've repeatedly checked the tightness of the oil filter and its hand tight. It seems to be leaking where the filter assembly connects to the oil pan. Is there a gasket there that could use replacing? Seem to get actual light smoke pouring out from under car after sitting cold...then goes away. So confused...Seems related
AC is turned to heat but it won't generate heat until I'm at highway speeds. Goes cold when I slow. Defroster is pointless with foggy windows. Barely works. Thoughts?
It jus fell out, what hold it in ?
Constant "door ajar" message. Horn blasts while vehicle is off and locked. Also had a problem with battery fully discharging while parked and locked at this same time last year.
eng power is reduced why is this
the car do not have no leaks
How do I remove/replace the moon roof shade? The shade will not roll back up.
It's been very cold here lately, I'm talking 20's and my car won't start in the morning. All the lights and radio come on and then rrrrrrrrr or click click click...NOTHING. So I went and got my neighbors truck to jump it...NOTHING. Let it sit connected to the truck...still NOTHING. Came home that afternoon and she fired right up no problem!? Drove it that night, no problem! Next morning...same thing. I went and had my 1 year old battery tested....100%, no problems, plenty of amps to run and start and everything. Checked my connector thingys on the battery no corrosion, no moisture, nice and tight, nothing. I haven't had ANY problems with this car and can't afford a problem right now with Christmas right around the corner. Any suggestions other than buy a torch? I'm desperate!!

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