2006 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx Questions

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side panel under doors goes between rear and front tires, will not pass inspection for this
rod came off at latch
push/pull rod from ext.lock off
I already have bought a radiator for my car , i just need it put in . I also think I may need new fans , Another issue is the wheel steering it jerks on its own when driving. What is that about ? Lastly , My locks go up and down on its own in the car ? Is that and electrical issue and how much would it cost me to get all of this fixed?
the motor is a 3500
The rear lights, running lights, flood lights and high beam lights all work. But the license plate light doesn't work. Any thoughts?
No matter if the switch is turned on or off they stay om.
i need a body shop

can you help me to get some estmates

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