2004 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx Questions

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Catalysic Converter needs replacing my check engine light stayed on took it for diagnostic and this is the results, and that they don't make my model any more
My check engine light had been on for a couple of days thought because it was low on oil but didn't go off after adding more then while driving home my battery light came on as well as the abs light I was able to make it the my driveway about a mile further but when I went to turn I had no powersteering the car ran while I did my best to park it but died shortly after and would not start again just made clicking noises I went inside and about an hour later went and started the car up it worked fine was able to move it everything worked the only light on was check engine light I drove to work the next day and the car worked fine but after work I drove to autozone to be tested on the machine and on the way there the battery light was going on and off the machine said the car wasn't getting up to temperature the guy said my thermostat is probably stuck open then he went to check my atenator but said the battery didn't have enough charge to check it. He said I could make it home though but as I was leaving my steering wheel was jerking and I had no power steering turned the car off then it wouldn't start again. Could it just be my alternator needing replaced or is something else going on with my car?
While driving electrical system fades out and engine starts to loose power until eventually stalling. This has happened several times. Mechanics insist that its the alternator, but when removing the alternator and having it tested on a machine it tests good.
I have replaced all bulbs and they keep going bad. Not sure what the problem can be that keep making the bulbs go bad. I even replaced the front headlights and still keep having the same issues.
then gas gauge starting going eratic up and down sometimes full and sometimes empty and hard time refueling lots of pres user and like it was full but it was really full ,and already we
ck engine code reported oil pressure sender. have part but cannot find location. need assistance. tk you
My 2004 Malibu Maxx has only 72,000 miles on it and I have had to have the rack and pinion replaced on it because my steering went out on it. Previous to it going out for about a week or so I would hear creaking noises when I turned the wheel. The mechanic I took it to said the rack and pinion was all chewed up. That was less than a month ago and now my car is making the same creaking/clunking noise when I turn the wheel. I'm afraid it is going to go out again. I know there is a recall for the power steering, which there are no parts for, but this is more serious than that.
My 2004 chevy malibu max has had a on going elctronic issuse where ill be driving and the vechile will power down and not a low me to accelerate untill I pull over and cut the vechile of and restart it what would cause this has this been heard of before.
changed disc pads about a month ago while driving hit pot hole
and now the Abs/traction control/and brake light come on and stay on until turn off car when restart its off the will come on when put in reverse some times or when hitting rough spot, the brakes work fine
My driving is mostly on the East End of Long Island, which is sparse suburban traffic (except this time of year!) In addition, I make three or four trips a year to upstate New York, approximately 750 miles each.
hatch opens intermittingly
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