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All time when rive 60-80km sometimes on low speed V bels is skating and makes noice
My 2013 Chevy Malibu lacks power during the warm/hot part of the day, but never when it is cold out. What can be wrong?
engine light came on, i went to auto zone, they said the code reader came back with P2097 post catalyst fuel trim system too rich bank 1. car 2013 Malibu with 45,000 miles . the care runs like its new even with the engine lights on. HOW do i fix this??
It started off blinking off and on, now it’s completely off. Can’t see mileage, gas gauge, nothing. It’s been about 3 months now.
had my struts repaired at a shop but i noticed a grinding type noise which was NOT there prior?? I have brought it back to the shop 3 times now but they keep sending me home?? What in the world could this noise be?
My dash lights not working no gauges no nothing
My dash lights won’t came on no gas, speed, no nothing is on
My check engine light come on when I drive and push more fuel it’s code turbo When I drive slow it’s not coming on
Car runs fine oil just continue to run out till there's none in the car from engine vacuum pump after oil change last week
Why would oil leak from engine vacuum pump after oil change every time car is running
car sounds like it needs a muffler and I changed camshaft solenoid
I had an instance where it seemed my remote was not connecting or could have been out of power. This time it was the battery that needed to be replaced but it made me wonder if there was a way I could use the "key" on the remote fob to start it. Is there?
the replacement cv axles do not have these shims on them. do I need to transfer them to the replacement shafts
Comes on for s week or so then goes off.
The car parked because problem code 258 what is the problem and what is the solution ?

Please give me solution in quickly time ..
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