2012 Chevrolet Malibu Questions

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No warning lights, no weird noises from engine. I can hear fuel pump click but no humming likes it pumping.
The Engine Enabled light came on also please I need help
my car doors kept locking and unlocking while driving and when it was parked. I have a malibu 2012. then this morning when i tried to unlock my car and start it the anti theft system came on and wouldn't let me start the car. my battery had drained apparently because the locks kept locking and unlocking. My radio came on while it was off also.
I took it to a mechanic and the doors started doing their locking/unlocking. He said he had never seen this before.
My car won’t stay started more than a sec or two. I was told it was my timing chain and got that fixed. I was told it was a battery and I got that too. It’s still doing the same thing and I’ve had my car in the shop more than I should . I’m furious cause it’s not clear what the problem is but it’s costing me. Please help me
Happens after car is running awhile
Just finished installing a new battery. Radio does not come on, no sound. A message appears on the screen - reads 'No Vin'. What does this mean, and how do I fix it?
At first I heard a noise and thought it was a belt. I took it to the shop and I was told I needed a timing chain kit and oil pan and a oil change. My car is doing the same thing again and it’s not been a week
2012 chevy Malibu Lt power window one not going up and no power driver front window.can plz help me to find exact fuse where it is located and which one ?how many amp?thanks,
JUst want to know if my fuel pump is able to be removed through my back seat?
When I put my car in reverse it will go back a bit then seem like it's stuck on something. The first time it happened I even got out of my car to see if there was something under my tire to which there wasnt. Other than that the car works great. What could this be?
replaced fuel pump twice gauge will not work wright
replaced fuel pump twice fuel gauge will not work wright
Dies when coming to stop in auto manuel.doesn't die as often but it been gearing itself up and down while.driving and sounds horrible.when it.changes gears
Sometimes the speedometer works, most times it shows speed over 60 MPH even when stopped, and the needle bounces around and won't reset to zero at times. Turning key on and off sometimes will reset to zero, but often not.
Everytime I start my car it sounds really loud, not like a car should sound especially in the mornings when it's been off all night. Sometimes it smells like oil or gas coming through the vents when I first start it too.
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