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My car broke down and my mechanic thinks it is the transmission. If it is the transmission, i do not really have the money to get it fixed right now, even if i bought a used transmission. Do you think it is worth trying to get it fixed or maybe selling it "as is" for like $1500 - $2000 to at least get something out of it?
Blows cold at idle
it is making a tap tap tap noise
Why is it I replace the thermostat two times that the check engine light does not come on but the thermostat hot and cold gauge goes up into the red
The air conditioner blows cold air on the passenger side bud blow warm air on driver side. I checked the 3 actuator's but they seem to be all working ok.
Thanks Martin
The light that shows roads may be icy comes on. Then toe words power steering comes on and I can use the power steering I can still drive it but its like the old standard steering
Car started this morning then dash read reduced engine power. Service esc. I turned the car off and tried to restart and will turn over but won't start. I tried starter fluid from how cold it was but still no start.
On a 2010 Chevy malibu it 2.4 which coil is the number 4 coil?
this alarm is a constant.Does this have to do with my engine?
I brought my car in after the check engine light came on. I've replaced the s belt, the battery, and the alternator. Also an oem recommend top end cleaner and cleaning procedure was done to remove carbon build up. I was told my car is misfiring on cylinder 3 (code p0303 detected. One mechanic told me the valve needed to be replaced which would cost more then the cars worth and another saying it's the coil pack. What are the differences between the two and what issues would be present for each
The connection to sensor. My cooling fans run all the time and my temp gauge doesn't work. Ideas??
It makes a lot of noise when you first try to crank it and the engine light will not go off. 2010 Chevrolet Malibu 170,000.
what could cause this problem. What should I look for.
The power steering light comes on at different times when driving, making it difficult to turn. Goes off when I turn car off & restart, but comes back after a few minutes.
This problem happes every 2 months the first time had to pay 1325 now this is the 4th time
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