2009 Chevrolet Malibu Questions

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Once I put air in tire light goes out. Had car serviced, mechanics say tired r good condition

The car blows out blue smoke from tailpipe when AC is turned on

radio works lights work , will not turn over

The backlighting has stopped working on the panel where the gas gauge is.

need to add fluid?

I have milky oil water from exhaust with the timing chain driving the water pump is it possible for antifreeze to get into the engine oil there are no external leaks.

it happens when i try to accelerate or going uphill it happens everytime i drive

Wont start

I was at a light stopped and my car just idled weird and then died. I just turned it off and back on. Has been idling weird when stopping at lights. No code is popping up. I took it to the auto shop everything checked out normal. Took it to autozone to test my alternator and battery everything is good there. Anyone else having this issue or know the problem? No code is popping up either.

Bumped into something and lost paint. Repainting job is okay, but not great.

Do you really have to remove the entire front bumper?

I have had the tire removed and checked and there seems to be no apparent leak. I have to refill it every few weeks.

The low tire pressure light comes on for the RH front wheel regardless of which wheel I ex

When I'm back up my car shankes. And when I'm driving my car feels like it wants to change gears. And when I put my car in it rolls to a stop like im on a hill.

And something about the skid will smooth for about 2 to cutting out then dies...what do I need to do to fix it...I've had it for 3 years...never had a problem till now...but did put smaller tires on it...could this cause the problem