2009 Chevrolet Malibu Questions

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more often in stop and go driving the esc and traction control lights will go on and the cruise control will not engage
I have a 2009 chevy malibu . it having a crank starter problem basically .somtimes it starts somtimes i doesnt.what could it be i replaced starter relay.
The problem occurs more often when i turn on my aircondition and drive quite a distance.The engine begins to shake as soon as the sign appears on the panel and accelerator doesnt work as well.
Power steering locked up
Rpm are fine when I cranked the car but if I press gas while in park the rpm will go up to 3 but stays with my foot off the gas
If I turn on the front defrost or the AC it runs rough but ok when heat is on or when everything is off. Cleaned the throttle body and mass air flow sensor but didn’t help.
Just replace purge valve solonied and vent valve after it threw those codes replace o2 sensor upstream downstream, smoke test to see if leak in system found throttle bottle gasket or grommet that connect the engine cover to the throttle body was torn. Check fuel pump on scan tool checks out with pressure good , replaced gas cap checked fuel injectors and reset the light still coming on. Did tune up about 6 months ago Engine runs good but once lights comes on you get a increase of the rpms fluctuating but now I’m lost any answers on what to check or change next.
How to steps, does motor need to be lifted?
Bought used 09 Malibu. Check engine light came on for code 90014. Had camshaft placed. Light came back in with same code but now also code 90013. Why is this happening?
I've been waiting for over three hours
to tow 4 wheels down which fuse is removed so the battery wont die while towing and where is it
The rain leaks and runs down from ,the top inside door panel on the passenger side and soak my rugs...
signals won't cancel. I have replacement part but can't get the column cover off.
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