2009 Chevrolet Malibu Questions

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to tow 4 wheels down which fuse is removed so the battery wont die while towing and where is it
The rain leaks and runs down from ,the top inside door panel on the passenger side and soak my rugs...
signals won't cancel. I have replacement part but can't get the column cover off.
Why Chevy built a car were the consumer can not change the headlight bulb themselves and the bump has to drop.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? The bump has to come off
How long have you had this problem? Week
The Car Cranks Up Fines fresh oil change and Transmission Flush but drives poorly barely can pick up speed but it's shifts just fine changing gears and everything what could possibly be the problem ?
my 2009 chevy malibu engine oil keeps dropping but there is no leaks any where so where do the oil pass and what should be the possible causes
When I drive my car in residential areas I will be at a stop and my car rpms will go up and down and then the car dies but if I hit the gas it tries to go so it doesn't dies just stutters in a way. When I accelerate on the highway it just seems like it stalls a little but I don't have major issues, not sure if it is related. I have gotten a new battery, new throttle body (which seemed to help but now is acting back up), throttle body cleaned (again helped for a couple of days and acted back up), new variable valve timing solenoid, new spark plug in line 4. I am dumping so much money in it and no one seems to know what is really wrong with it. Please help.
The gas light went off for a while now told it might be a camshaft sensor I've heard of other Malibu people having the same issue
Once I put air in tire light goes out. Had car serviced, mechanics say tired r good condition
The car blows out blue smoke from tailpipe when AC is turned on
radio works lights work , will not turn over
The backlighting has stopped working on the panel where the gas gauge is.
need to add fluid?
I have milky oil water from exhaust with the timing chain driving the water pump is it possible for antifreeze to get into the engine oil there are no external leaks.
it happens when i try to accelerate or going uphill it happens everytime i drive
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