2008 Chevrolet Malibu Questions

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can see that ther no flud in res how to fill put allmost a quart in still can see bottom of res cocld be a leak
rpm's go up and down, making loud engine noises
car seems to be pulling and mpg inst goes up and down
I have been having major issues with this car for the past 2 years. Car would run for a few days then it would not crank or do anything for a couple days also.Lights,radio and windows work but would not crank.Had the Chevy dealer look at it. Said it was a bad (CBM). Had it replaced, car ran good for a week then sat in driveway for 2 weeks no crank again. Took it back to dealership,said the battery was bad. Replaced that also. Ran good for a few months. Now check engine light is on,airbag light is on,headlight bulbs keep blowing,trunk release button stopped working,Cd player does not work anymore and lack of power going up hills. Had the starter tested passed that test. Have had two different techs look at it and both do not have a clue, one said it could be the (ECM) the other gave up in frustration. Please Help.
After replacing the turn signal on my 2008 Malibu the turn signal still isn't cancelling after turn left or right even on the new one I just put it ??? Help ???
Power windows don't work
The problem occurs everyday
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It's worst when the engine is hot
How long have you had this problem? About a year
Make clicking sound and almost acts like it wants to go
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Same no matter what
How long have you had this problem? Few weeks
When u push the pedal it seems to decelerate instead of accelerate, as soon as I give it gas it stalls and I literally have to almost pump it to pick up any speed but still won't go over 14 mph it was reading average drive is 14 mph like it's in limp mode atleast that's what I was told but I changed the push pedal sensor, changes the fuel pump, changed the throttle body, changed the cam shaft sensor, and still acting exactly the same,
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Pressing the gas
How long have you had this problem? 2 months
My car sputters/choke while idle, or at a complete stop or slowing down. The traction warning comes up when this is happening. This only happens when sitting idle. The car drives SD smooth on the express way. What causes this
I want to know how replace the injector number 1
Rpm range too high
From2nd to 3rd
Is the in and out exhaust hook ups 21/2 inches
If the car want start what should I do to get the car back working with power?
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