2008 Chevrolet Malibu Questions

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I want to know how replace the injector number 1

Rpm range too high

From2nd to 3rd

Is the in and out exhaust hook ups 21/2 inches

If the car want start what should I do to get the car back working with power?

ligjt came on.

Power steering goes in and out at any time why

When I accelerate my service traction system light comes on. I shut the key off restart and
it clears temporarily. Any suggestions?

power locks work,lights work,just wont start,wont crank

Someone hit something had to get my fender bumper and headlight all on drivers side. But car ran perfectly after the accidemt though. But now simce all parts are on and hooked the battery back up no crank start not even dash lites when i try an start it.

I replaced the fuel pump and the battery it cranks good i have spark and fuel my horn dont work either there is no power going to the powertarin relay does anybody know what i can do

will that cause my locks to flicker

I swaped some fuses out but it seem as its a short some where. the door choose to lock and unlock now on its own

My car has been standing for about a year and a half. Battery terminals were corroded. I put jumpers on to the terminals and the positve lead from the solinoid to the alternator smoked. Disconnected it and reconnected the jumpers. This time all lights came on including horn and cooling fans. Any ideas as to what is common to all these to cause this problem.

My car wont start it turns over but won't crank . first time it broke down wouldn't stay cranked I took it home parked it and had mechanic come look at it at first the machine showed ignition switch needs changing , throttle body sensor is bad and needs engine coolant , I changed the throttle body and the mass airflow sensor the check engine light was still on so I put it back on the machine in now it only shows the engine coolant , so I tried changing fuel pump because a mechanic said fuel not pumping to engine and car still won't crank somebody help me plz?