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Car turns over but will not start
I took my car to AutoZone because the check engine light kept turning on. First ideas told that it was the gas cap so i bought a new one and put it on. Then after that the check engine light kept turning on. Took my car again and now they said that it's the evap purge control valve code P0496, I was wondering where that is located on my 2007 Chevy Malibu. Is it hard to fix?
I got in my car yesterday and the chime signal did not work for turn signals,seat belts and keys left in the ignition.
How long have you had this problem? 2 days
Every 1to2 seconds while u driving on the highway tc light comes on whats the problem
will run for about 10-15 minutes then die try to start nothing. Lights radio works then after a few seconds will start and run a few seconds or a minutes then dies again. over and over
Air bag light stays on. Repairs estimated at 1200 + dollars. Is it safe? Will it function
on impact? Will faulty sensor in seat cause it to not inflate on impact? Is there a
by pass?
my car say reduce egine power the battery keeps dying and the streeing wheel locks up
I had the starter replaced in August 2016. Shortly after that I noticed a serious antifreeze leak that was caused by a bad radiator cap spring which was also replaced. Shortly after that, different instrument panel lights were coming on. Firs it was the check oil light, next was the service airbag light, then it was the battery light, and now the only lights that come on and stay on is the check engine and traction control light. When they are both on, the car shifts extremely hard. Sometimes I can start the car and it doesn't come on and drives normally. Other times, it decides to come on and stay on. The check oil light comes on and stays on for a little while and the goes off and does this multiple times while driving. What would cause the check engine and traction control light to stay on and cause hard shifting?
And it still won't start
My vehicle is not working and needs a new engine. Is it worth getting a rebuilt put in or should I just get a new car and get rid of the broken vehicle?
I have to manually pick up the trunk door. Its very heavy and don't know what made it break.
Noise comes and goes and I have never placed anything on the dashboard. Nothing there is rattling.
Basically, car has been in and our of the shop for 6 long months. From YOUNG CHEVROLET, it went to a buddy of mines shop. He had it two months for nothing. Then to JON WATSON CHEVROLET. Anyway, this car is showing some slavish l electrical issues. How do I reset the system,
It was driving normal is it possible it could be antilock system? They said diagnostic code said starter but they put new starter in and took it back out said it had no compression and put my starter i had in it when i took it there
my airbag light is on the mechanic said it needs a sensor module. airbags might not deploy but I just read that they could cause death from metal fragments
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