2006 Chevrolet Malibu Questions

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Wife plugged in the battery wrong caused a short on the computer to my Chevy Malibu LT 06 model replace computer just need to reprogram vehicle
What parts will I need . Why is my car doing this ? How soon can I get it fixed , how long will it take and the amount ? When driving the car the "check light engine" comes on , and your unable to speed up. It also constantly makes the gas go from "E" to full. We've replaced the thermostat and added antifreeze . What to do next ?
Works fine for a little while then becomes hard to turn. Turning key off and then back to on it begins to work fine. What could be the problem?
check engine
light got checked, it was on for 7 months, it was catalytic convertor can I fix with it with a new O2 sensor or should I replace the catalytic converter?
The existing one is carb rated i live in Montana
Knocking coming from from driver side tire. Makes noise at any speed, no noise when turning. What could this be?
No noise when turning. What could this be?
I have already replaced the gas cap to no avail
If the alignment was properly done would it pull like that? Or can there be something else that can cause that problem?
Why dont it work any more but the light indicator on the steering wheel shows that its on. Could it stop working due to my trans jerking when I put it in gear sometimes and also when driving. it jerk harder when i put it in gear sometimes in reverse sometimes in drive but lately its only been doing it when I come to a complete stop then as I turn it will jerk while shifting to the next gear diagnostic code(PO753) could this be my shift solenoid if so how much would that cost to replaced.
What could this similar noise be
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