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How do I take off take out the Ignition switch in the in in my car
And what do I do about the anti theft I dont understand how it turns itself off and on killing my car while driving
My radiowont work in my 2006 malibu. I thought the fuse was the problem so I took it out and replaced it. When I started my car it worked, but it stopped working when I turn the car off and back on. Now in order for my radio to work I have to remove the fuse and put it back in every time I start my car.
I have an 06 Chevrolet Malibu Lt recently it got towed and now it won't start, the check engine light came on about 4 weeks ago and I took it to have it checked. And they said it was a fuel pressure regulator. The light when out so I didn't think anything was wrong. But I went to pick up the car and it wouldn't start. Would the fuel pressure regulator cause the car not to start.
no oil is on the ground, but the tell pipe look wet with oil
Headlight still wont turn on after replacing the bulb socket and low beam light
Sometimes while driving and turning the stirring wheel to make a turn, the stirring wheel locks
When I turn the wheels to the right it makes a sound but not all the time
My motor be rattling
The raditor that's bolts down to car frame . Can't fugue out how to put them back on . Plus I think my raditor is not up high enough
Bleeding air out
Putting radiator back in car n can't get the lines to stay un
Was I supposed to do anything else after changing these two sensors Because my car is running worst then it did. Before I changed the out the sensors. It's running rich uses a lot of gas. The add link is really roughshuts off at times even when driving.
My engine light came on after getting new tires today. Maybe it's coincidence, but I stopped by Auto Zone to get the code and it showed P0128.
Sounds like it has no gas
My HVAC fan works intermittently. It either doesn't work at all, it will come on sometimes while driving down the road and works fine until I turn off the engine. Then nothing again. I have replaces resister relay and fan clutch relay. Mechanic thinks fan motor. This doesn't make sense to me if it works intermittently. Please Help !
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