2005 Chevrolet Malibu Questions

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The reservoir appears to be buried in the fender well.

How do you replace windshield washer res.?

my wife went to leave for work today, she tried starting the car all it did at first was cranking and cranking then she turned off the key and tried to re-start the car then it started once it did start it was running rough check engine light came on and was flashing , it acts as if it has no compression but runs rough it seems to have no compression, im afraid to try driving the car anywhere to get checked out

Need to know how to replace trans seal. Also need to know how to replace driver side lower ball joint. How to tell if ball joints are really bad. Female who wont pay a shop to do when this can be done for half the price as long as no special tools are required. Thanks

new fuel pump

Already replaced the batteries in the remote but it still does not trigger the remote start.

Son in an accident requiring hood, fender, bumper,windshield, and air bags at minimum. Will the cost of the airbags alone be cost prohibitive?

the car can be setting and key removedwe will be in house. the starter will engage but wont start due to key being turhed off. sometimes when car is warmed up you turn key switch off starter will still be engaged an cranking. we have noticed that some times when you start car after engine fires starter will continue to run.we had it to garage mechanic called gm dealer they said have never heard of this. please help on the ghost starter

Was told that a new battery was istalled.
Did not check for any codes.
No warning lights on dash.

Car just has 1000. miles on it. Great gas mileage no other problems love the car. Is it safte to drive now?

does anyone know

when the brakes are replaced are the wheel bearings check to see if they need to be replaced

my car is starting to shake alot before its shuts off,it happens when i stop at a traffic check engine light came on.

The car has 97,000 miles and has been well maintained. I made a trip of about 220 miles this weekend and half way through the trip I now hear a rattling noise at 1,500 rpm as it goes from gear to gear as I speed up. At about 1,800 RPM it stops making any rattling noise. Any thoughts what might be causing this? I drove half of this trip and stopped for about 3 hours and when I continued on it started making that noise. Car seems to run fine but makes the noise. If I am sitting still without the transmission engaged it does not make that noise but the trans seems to be shifting ok.

after starting car when attempting to stop or turn the steering wheel there is a clunking noise that sounds as if it is coming from the steering colum.This occurs daily.