2005 Chevrolet Malibu Questions

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I took the car to the repair shop and they replaced the windshield washer container also replaced the igniation switch. The doors will now not lock by using the automatic lock. I have to lock each one individually. Instead of being able to lock them from the drivers control

It starts and when I put it in drive to go it goes slow and doesn't take off then it does and then it slows back down and the engine light blinks every time it misfires and won't go fast. And if I sit there too long the car shuts itself off. And we just changed the sparks plugs and it didn't work. Help me please because nobody knows how to fix it.

I was at a gas pump car shut off in park when inside pay for my gas come back outside the car and rolled into a ditch and was upside down I've been having trouble with the ignition switch getting it to turn over and beeps all the time the horn

Car starts just fine first thing in the morning. But if I shut it off, it won't restart. Replaced all that starting components in the car. However, jump-starting the battery won't work at all. But, I can jump the starter and it'll start. No other existing problems. Car runs great. Any advice?

Why does the brake light go ofg when you press and release the energency brake.

The Tc light comes on and stays on

I woke up one morning and started my car. It sounded like my exhaust was ripped off. Super loud. Well this morning it didn't want to start. It would start but didn't want to start. Do you know what may cause that? Someone said a bad manifold?

My car has been starting and stalling after the engine gets hot sometimes and it appears that the fans are running slow, but I don't know if this is normal or not.