2005 Chevrolet Malibu Questions

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Second repair and new axle still leaking
I just need to know where the spark plugs so I can clean them
my sending unit on my 2005 malibu went bad. and the check engine light was on. i changed the complete fuel pump and gas cap. check engine light is still on? have had the error cleared but the light still comes on? any ideas? do i need to drive the car for a specified number of miles?
the taillights work in blinker and hazard and back up lights work but no taillights when the headlights are turned kept blowing fuses so the relay was removed and put back in and when the car was not running, the taillights came on when the headlights came on....but when the car got started the taillights blew and so did the dashboard???????????/....
Usually the engine light comes on and it says engine disabled. I will sit for about 1 minute, restart it and go. Why is that.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Usually in the morning
How long have you had this problem? Couple weeks
It sounds like a door is open but there all shut

This car has been a lemon since it was purchased new but this is a new one. At low speeds where the transmission is pulling the car forward or breaking to a stop it sounds like someone is jumping on a old wooden floor. I did some looking around online and they said it sounds it could be tie rods, which would not be good. It just started recently, probably the last 4-5 days but it is consistently happening. The car also bounces much more often as well so I was thinking it would be maybe my brakes or suspension.
What can I look at for this problem , gas gauge or temp gauge doesn't work , and ac comes on but blows only hot air ,
a friend is giving me the ramp and wheelchair said all I need is 2 inch hitch, is it possible to get this part and attach it to this car? Thanks in advance
The question is related to a problem with a 2005 Malibu which we own since it was new. More than once, we have noticed that the -a sensor light reading- Engine repair now, would flash. We would repair it by replacing the gas cap. I need to find someone to verify this for me.
Gas tank cover. After a while you get a fix engine problem. Fix is get new gas cap. How many people have had this problem??
Is there still a valid recall.
Some times when I shut my car off, the headlights and my stereo won't shut off.
So i have too disconnect the battery cable to get them to shut off. It doesn't happen all the time but enough. The problem started after I pressure washed under my hood, though I made sure tee car was running when I did that. I don't have a clue about electrical systems.
The bar in the front recently broke and popped.
ignition problem
what part do i need? When i put key and turned over i just heard a click.
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