2005 Chevrolet Malibu Questions

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just had my brakes and muffler system replaced fuel line has not been working for a while even before this engine light come on
Why do I hear a vibrating sounds. When in reverse
Vehicle idles higher than usual...check engine light come on after gas indicator shows low fuel error...even when the tank is filled...intermittently.
Car got stuck in reverse then I turned off car now ignition switch won't turn do I need to buy a new ignition lock cylinder should I get a new key my is warn out
After putting into park, the key is stuck in ignition. Chevy malibu 2005. Happened once couple years ago but by the time I drove home and tried worked fine never a problem since.
Changed oil and filter, but oil level doesn't show on dip stick after filling with 4 quarts of oil.
oil level not showing on dip stick
Front right headlight, turn signal, back right break light & turn signal.
I had it towed to a shop and they had it 3 days and did nothing they said they couldn't work on it because it was a Interference engine, so being an retired GMC employee I called the hot line and gave the Technician my Vin number and after 10 minutes he came back and said my Malibu was equipped with a non=interference engine
3.5Liter V6 Engine, so they recommended Crivelli Chevrolet, I had it towed there and they said they fixed the Timing chain but couldn't turn the engine over, I asked why and they said no Compression, they had it a week and when I had it towed back to my home, and lifting the hood the serpentine belt was layin on the top of the engine, and the battery was dead, so I wrote them a letter and ask if they did a leak test but they wouldn't answer me. I wonder how they could do a leak test without the belt being put back on the car, and still no answer. I am sending GMC a letter and condemning them for referring Crivelli. What I need is someone who has done this work.
Buying batteries every year. Still running battery down.
trying to replace the heater core, got the skin and trim off of dash can not figure out how to remove the dash bracket
Does a 2005 Chevy Malibu have two catalytic converters
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