2004 Chevrolet Malibu Questions

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New spark plugs one had went all the way down and the guy put it the way it was suppose to be and put it back then got a new core pack on but it turns over but wont crank its trying but something not catching
My headlights and my hazard light work, however my blinker has stopped working. Before it stopped all together you could move the hazard button around; hold it, and get the blinker to work. Now no matter how much you move it it won't work.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Moving the hazard button used to work
How long have you had this problem? 4-6 months
Is the something I can put in the car to unstuck it
how to change 4way balance brake block
It won't turn over at all. The overhead light does work. First time this ever happened
My car rides fine but in a hot day it starts to hesitates like it wants to turn off is this the fuel pump or the injectors
My security system has me locked out and won't even crank. Had a problem with it having to reset it off and on for several months. It got to where it would crank but just not start at all. New fuel pump and ignition switch, but still nothing. When I turn the key to "on" the dash lights up but there is a yellow symbol of a car with a lock going thru it. I have tried every way on the intent to do the relearn procedure to no avail. I really netted help on either how to fix it or bypass the security system. Need help!!!
He replaced the front brake pad and Caliper yesterday, and today it is smelling like burn metal and after driving about 15 mins it started to smoke.
When backing my car up to work one day,it wouldn't crank up.I noticed some days prior it smelled like some oil was burning,but no smoke was coming out.It makes a whining noise so I thought it was the starter cause it stilled was trying to turn over.But the mechsnic said its a bad engine and that the comprrssion wasn't building up...
I bought a use 2004 malibu maxx LS, when the prior owner had the emission test taken the check engine light stayed on and hasn't went of, also my service light comes on ocassionally
4th cylinder not firing
I have been having so many problems with my where I'm not able to drive it..
2004 Chevy Malibu classic 03 engine.has a new fuel filter cranks but won't turn over.its not the theft system either
I cant find where the oil is coming from, possibly the rear main seal. If I start and let idle it doesn't leak, only after driving it around the block it starts leaking like a sieve.
what could it be, I would your help on what it could be or what should I do.
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