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A loud banging noise when trying to turn my wheels and the steering wheel goes all the way around but the car doesn't turn
I’ve never had a vehicle were you pop the hood and you cannot see where to check or feel the power steering is a 2004 Chevy Malibu can somebody answer this for me please
i have a 04 malibu it drives fine then eventually it will start sputtering so bad steering wheel shakes have noticed some gas smell long time ago but it just started this you can let it sit for a while then drive it it does fine for maybe few days then it does it again it v6 the check engine light has been on for long time
I got in my car 2 days ago an I started it as usual an everything was fine but I got down road a little ways an then my dash lights came on for my abs an my traction control light came on to I can stop an shit my car of then start it back an the lights will stay off but when I put it in gear an get to driving down the road my dash lights will come on again saying my traction control is off an my abs light comes on. Can u plz tell me what I may be able to do to fix this problem. My car is running like it usually does except it's like it don't wanna go like it's being held back I don't know if it's got to do with my abs an traction control I will try anything to fix it my self I just don't have a lot of money an car parts can get kinda expensive if u know what I mean but if anyone has any advice that may help me solve this problem I'm up to all suggestions an I'd be gratefully appreciated. Thanks.
my car had the same passlock sensor problem for a long time. But last time it didn't start anymore. I did bypass the yellow and black wires of the passlock sensor welding them to a resistor, and also using a terminal connector instead of welding it. Both time got the security light to go away but fail to start. Then I replace the passlock sensor wire connector, but still not starting. My concern is that it takes wire cutting in order to do these procedures and I'm afraid all these wire cutting and taping my make matters worst. Also I'm concern something else my got bad because it is already one month with the car sitting down. Any advice I will surely appreciate. Thank you. PD: the scan toll communicates but does not show any problems.
Radiator had a hole so replaced it hooked everything back up now car overheats very quickly and only blows cold air how do I fix this issue
I have an 04 Malibu V6 I done replace the coolant sending sensor and It keeps throwing that code what else could make it do it
It sounds normal
New spark plugs one had went all the way down and the guy put it the way it was suppose to be and put it back then got a new core pack on but it turns over but wont crank its trying but something not catching
My headlights and my hazard light work, however my blinker has stopped working. Before it stopped all together you could move the hazard button around; hold it, and get the blinker to work. Now no matter how much you move it it won't work.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Moving the hazard button used to work
How long have you had this problem? 4-6 months
Is the something I can put in the car to unstuck it
how to change 4way balance brake block
It won't turn over at all. The overhead light does work. First time this ever happened
My car rides fine but in a hot day it starts to hesitates like it wants to turn off is this the fuel pump or the injectors
My security system has me locked out and won't even crank. Had a problem with it having to reset it off and on for several months. It got to where it would crank but just not start at all. New fuel pump and ignition switch, but still nothing. When I turn the key to "on" the dash lights up but there is a yellow symbol of a car with a lock going thru it. I have tried every way on the intent to do the relearn procedure to no avail. I really netted help on either how to fix it or bypass the security system. Need help!!!
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