2003 Chevrolet Malibu Questions

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Had fixed while still under warranty. No longer have warranty. What could be causing this. Also, when the green light goes off, the a/c does not work. Fan does, but not cool air. You might guess, it is worse when weather is hotter. LOL
i had a prblem with my power windows, seats, radio, gages,a/c heater they told me it was my ignition switch so had it changed and its doing the same thing
When I push the "a.c." button you don't feel it kick it. The blower works but the air doesn't get cold.
Had ERG valve replaced and map sensor replaced. light was off when I left shop. Light came on as driving home. Does this mean repairs were not done correctly?
coming from the passenger side where the cv axle connects to the transmission.more like a skueel.
I am having transmission problems, my car will go into reverse but no other gear. I have replaced the transmission filter and fluid. I have a solenoid as well but have no idea where that is located.
I've been told that I have a broken valve guide on valve #5.
Is it a hub type,sealed,tapered,or axle mounted
Turning the key on and stepping on the gas pedal it eventually will start. This dosent happen all the time
This vehicle runs fine until it reaches about 110 degees, and then has a dramatic loss of power with some surging. Fuel and air filter changed. Determined to be heat related. Put 1K ohm resister in coolant temp sensor circuit to make the ECM think the engine is cool and the car runs great. Replaced temp sensor, but problen still there.
The Drive Cycle and Emissions Readiness Monitors? This site has been most helpful in explaining what it is, but can't find the requirements for this vehicle anywhere. Even the tech who made the repair doesn't know.
the check engine light is now on with an error code 420, what causes this.
Transmission fluid has been changed and no other problems.
then stayed on
It started while I was driving down the street. It started a loud knocking sound upon acceleration.
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