2003 Chevrolet Malibu Questions

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Seems to not be getting any spark or fuel could this be a security shutdown my horn does not work but that circuit breaker for the horn was very hot to the touch
thought it was a security problem because the only circuit breaker on was the horn it was hot to the touch but the horn does not work could it be a starter problem
Bought used car and ABS/ brake light was on. Took and had rotors turned, New brakes on front and alignment. When first turn on lights are off, but then they come back on again. Sometimes it feels like brakes are holding some. Can you please help. My gas mileage really sucks now.
shut off will not start back with out starting fluid
It sounds like it wants to start but won't turn over.
When I shut off the engine I hear the thumping noise of water boiling.
Sometimes when I add water to a warm running engine it comes right out of the overflow tube.
ive changed the radiator thermostat water pump and the temperature sensor
The car runs fine and the windows,radio, fuel temp gauges,and heater just stop working
I had just shut the drivers side door, walked around to the passenger side and right before I could open the door, I heard my car lock. All doors locked at this point. The keys were in the ignition.
Ever since I bought this used, the ignition key switch has always been a bit sloppy, which, given the age of the vehjicle is to be expected. But now, the key won't turn all the way off, leaving the electrical system powered up(radio and clock still on), and the key can be pulled out. This condition has been very intermittent, which if the key is continued to be jiggled from side to side, it goes off. But now, it does not, which means that until I change out the switch, the battery will be drained, so I pull one terminal clamp to kill the whole vehicle. As this is more a pita than anything else, and yet significant, I have to either get this repaired at a shop, or do it myself, and I'd prefer doing myself, if it doesn't require specialized tools I don't have as well as specialized knowledge I don't have.
If this stays on could it effect battery to not start. My car wouldn't start so I jumped it and it was fine...but then after it sat for a period of time I had to jump it again. Barry is brand new.
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