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Intermittent problem (sometimes corrects itself for weeks), rear running lights are fine when moving forward or not touching brake, right rear brake light goes out when compressed, back up light dims when brake compressed--otherwise stays bright when not braking and backing up, turn signal slows speed when brake compressed, No codes are showing on meter, sometimes the car starts beeping when I first start it up--does a few beeps then stops, then beeps again, multiple times, sometimes doors lock when I walk away from car--my car is basic, no power windows or seats. All four light bulbs are lit up-could part of the bulb be bad. Have replaced computer in rear brake light one time already. Car has 70,000 miles
During recent bitter cold snap, wind chills of -25 degrees, noticed frozen puddle under right front side. Checked overflow and it was empty. Called
shop - told to add coolant/water and bring in. They repaired a hose leading to the overflow that had frozen and blown. At approx. 60,000 miles (now 123,000) we repaired a leak at the intake manifold. No problems since. However, they thought that this could also be a blown head gasket. Have had no overheating, no computer messages. Coolant/water level O.K. since hose replacement, driving it a little, 6-10 miles round trip. Took to recommended garage; they say blown head gasket estimated repair at 1400-1500. Kelly's value on this vehicle is $1,650.00 in "good" shape. Soooooooo. Are there any symptoms specific to this engine? Are there any "band aids" to keep it on the road for a few more months?

I just installed an aftermarket radio in my 2003 Chevy Malibu and my dash and taillights went out
I have a 2003 Chevy Malibu and the speedometer and fuel gauge do not work. The temp gauge and rpm ones do work. Also a few warning lights come on as well. When I’m going the speedometer only goes up to about 10mph when I’m noticeably going faster than that.
and find the right spots to push to make it stop blowing? Any ideas?
I noticed my exhaust line was be one right in front of the catalytic converter
First time this has occurred.
Because it's not on at night driving.
The knocking noise continues while I am driving and while the car is idling it is very loud. Would it be transmission related or a thrown rod in the engine?
,but I turn on the ac and it trips the fuse,and then no gauges and no ac.can someone help me please.
Yesterday we had a big snow storm and my car has not so great tires. I got stuck quite a few times. The last time that I got stuck, I noticed that it was really hard to turn the wheel and that the car was overheating. I got home and checked the belt and power steering fluid. Both were fine.

So I'm just wondering how can I tell if the power steering pump went or if it is the rack and piston?
gas gauge worked well,before the new fuel pump was changed. After the fuel pump was changed the gas gauge is now on empty with fuel light on. what is possibly wrong? and a reliable place to take it where they will not take advantage of a woman? how much will it cost to repair?
Looking to see how and how much to replace a engine module

Driving as little as possible. Would there be any advantage to
flushing cooling system until we
actually get a solid answer and
make a decision as to repair or
No lit icons, no error messages.

Engine running O.K.

Previous repair of leak at intake manifold done at approximately 60,000 miles (now 114,000) at
local GM dealer.

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