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I can add water over night and it will still be full in the morning. But I can only drive about a mile to a mile in a half before the water evaporates. Water has to be added after a mile of driving the water reserve thing will be empty. the overheating indicator moves to over the half way point rather quickly. Therefore I can't drive for fear of overheating and causing more damage. I have not noticed any leaking of the water or other fluids for that matter.
I'm DYI-ing a coolant flush, just need some help per this specific car, I get how to do it, just need help looking for the right things, ie the lower drain.
trouble p0111 iat replaced Iat airfilter replaced tran,shift hard
I was driving came to a light & engine shut off tried to restart & the engine wouldn't fully turn over. Battery started to go low tired a jump still couldn't get engine to turn over. Was told it sounds like alternator went out. Any suggestions?
Car overheats frequently.
My car started jerking while excelerating and the check engine light came on.
Air conditioner and electric windows stop working at the same time and them start to work.
All the proper lub has been added to the aluminum calipers, back of pads, etc. The clicking noise is still there.
only the unlock when you stop to exit does not work
Smells like rotten eggs and idles very rough
The on/off switch for the air conditioning does not work. What is cost to replace
My car shakes really bad the faster I drive
Average Cost to Replace Water Pump in 2002 Chevy Malibu V6
diagnostic code came up as bad oxygen sensor or catalytic converter, it happened today and I smelled strong odor of gas and the gas mileage just started to be very poor but the car runs well and idles good but just did not start up qiute as easy after I went to the auto parts store when after he put the compter on it and gave me the diagnosis
wants to sputter when slow down, shakes severely
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