2002 Chevrolet Malibu Questions

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My car has been saying this for months that it's running on lean. I just want to know how to fix this and if I can do it myself or do I have to go to a mechanic.
Engine light came on, air conditioning stopped working
I have had problems with the anti-theft. I went to store got gas came out and car won't start. I tried resetting pass lock code but still wont start. Engine turns over but no fire. I sprayed starting fluid in throttle body and it fired then shuts back down. So I don't think car is getting fuel. Had the fuel pump and fuel filter replaced about 6 months ago.
Won't go past 40mph.
this was all of a sudden thing everything else is ok. the dash guages just stopped one day. I have located the fuse box in the car and changed the all the fuses and still same issues.
Just bought a new battery car rode well 4 days now battery died for unknown reasons after being boosted I've been multiple places and turned the car off about its 5th time being turned off the battery dies again ... tested alternator and starter and both good what is the next thing that could cause this ?? N how to repair ??
I got pulled over and tried starting it again. The starter would crank but wouldn't start. I kept trying anf eventually the starter just stopped cranking all together. I got it home and charged the battery but the car still won't crank, I turn the key and nothing happens. Any help is greatly appreciated.

not sure what to look at next
2 days ago my turn signals went out i will flip the lever for the turn signal but nothing happens same thing with the windshield wipers ill flip the lever up and down but the windshield wipers wont move at all and the hazard button to turn the hazard lights on wont turn on and i checked the fuses and none were bad what is my problem
if the override doesn't work where's the brake light switch and the shifter interlock solenoid?
i replaced the hazard flasher but it did not fix the constant clicking noise please give more detailed info or a picture
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